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    If you did not annoy me by capturing me I would not have taken that sword. And you stole my items. Gold swords are worthless anyway.
    I did not grief, just look around at stuff.

    Also, they breached copyright on my bestselling "Hungry Node Bottling for Noobs" book. And stole the printing press plate to copy it.

    While I may have threatened that hungry node thing: A-it wasn't an empty threat B-They stole my items C-They are keeping me in an infinte death loop D-I did not trespass, grief, steal or otherwise damage them or their property before being imprisoned. Being stuck in an infinte death loop and imprisoned tends to make a person annoyed.

    They're now asking for pay and to keep my items. WHich I am not accepting.

    Also, they were trading with me then took both parts of the deal.

    So please help negotiate, don't give them my coords and just generally try to help out with my annoying situation.

    Plus they are using 60% of my CPU and 70% of my memory. As well as generally lagging the servers.

    You were trespassing, vandalizing and sabotaging and may have done more while we weren't there. You are being held as a captured enemy spy and your items are confiscated for now and being held safely.

    I did none of those things. I managed to get out (thanks qcraft devs) but THEY stole my items. I just came on a peaceful GolCo business trip and they did this.

    Also, do NOT give them my coords. Please.

    I'm currently being held prisoner with a thaumium golem that kills me every five seconds, and all my stuff's stuck with Mr_Brain and sinnaj63. Currently at K3 - 941 71 159. I could probably just get back to my base on K2 but all my stuff's been stolen. And apparentely I stole from them and sabotaged their base. Which I did not do.

    Also, they're causing lag. AND making my rubbish WiFi card overload a bit. And using too much processor power, memory and disk.

    What GregTech really needs is some interesting content to make it worthwhile having an IV power grid and a massive factory. Also, I'd like more cross-mod integration with mods like Thaumcraft.

    I'd like a device to create aura nodes from huge amounts of energy and essentia, and change existing ones for slightly less power and essentia. Probably a LuV multiblock device.
    Also, finally adding that stargate would be pretty good. And re-adding the fusion reactor would be a good idea to power it.

    We really ought to use Forestry mail-it's pretty much instant item transport and comes with trading.
    While 3 servers is an issue, if you build an inter-server post office at spawn/other places with qCraft portals, people can pick up inter-server mail,take it through and deposit it in the mailbox in the other server.

    I really need a regular Honey Comb to get into bee breeding,but apparently I either need to blow up a beehive or get a Gregtech scoop. So if anyone has 1 (plus maybe a bee actually) it'd be appreciated if they gave me some. And once I get into bee/tree breeding I can pay you back.

    plutonium is implemented, don't know about thorium, and i think there is some kind of redstone "computer" using eu for executing complex redstone circuits.

    I mean as reactor fuel.It doesn't seem to work for that.

    And I mean an actual programmable computer.And I know it'd be complicated.But having actual programmable computers would be really useful-you could control a GregTech factory from your central console,and have your nuclear reactors automatically switch on and off based on your battery buffer's power levels and stuff like that.

    Isn't all this hungry node experimentation a tiny bit dangerous?

    And more on topic of the suggestion thread-what about adding some programmable computers to gregtech?
    Computercraft's a bit unbalanced and opencomputers seems to cause problems on my computer.
    They could use power and control gregtech machines.And possibly interface with reactors and the like.

    And I'd like thorium and plutonium added back in.

    Using that version and get this crash:

    With latest forge and IC2,GT test version for 17.10 crashes on startup.