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    That is not a bad idea even... other than the implementation details of chunkloading / detecting energy.
    EDIT: Would be nice if a player can activate a homing signal that another player operating the "reverse teleporter" can lock onto and then portal selected person over.

    Use CC's PDAs and a chunk loader and assuming OpenPeripherals has GT Teleporter support,remote control a Teleporter.of course,a Teleporter recall function would need adding.
    You could also use the PDA for a lot of things as well as your Teleporter-opening doors,remote-controlling a factory and things like that.

    The problem is IC2 is so buggy and unstable, and it's been that way since 1.5.

    And anyway, IC2 is pretty shitty without gregtech. The only unique feature is crops, which is so tedious and over complicated that nobody uses it.

    I'm glad they're moving to RF.

    It's fine now.IC2 has nice features like jet packs,electric tools,the old EU system and stuff like that.
    The crops aren't THAT tedious and complicated.
    RF stuff is pretty much copies of IC.Flux tools?Copied.Jetpacks?Copied.Electric armor and textured?Idea copied and textures just negatived.Lots of things copied from IC2.
    RF and Addons are pretty much oversimplified OP copies of IC.

    • MCP makes KingLemming invincible from OptiFine in the ForgeCraft pack
    • Logistics Pipes adds viruses that only activates alongside Atum
    • MineChem fans claim that open-source mods should have better underpowered items
    • M3gaFr3ak says AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN's attitude is too vanilla
    • Carpenter's Blocks fans claim that Forestry should be more like GregTech
    • Drullkus claims not to use Not Enough Mods
    • Vazkii complains about the Mojang launcher breaking underpowered items
    • Dinnerbone complains that Soaryn replaced CraftGuide by Chisel in ATLauncher
    • Greg sues Tekkit developers lol ~SpwnX
    • MCPC+ makes Backpacks crash Universal Electricity when used by Notch
    • mDiyo threatens to kick Sengir until they add new wood types to ICBM
    • kirindave tweaks balance in Universal Electricity too much, annoying FTB Forums
    • Dinnerbone rants about ICBM on IC2 Forums
    • Mr_okushama tweets BetterStorage causes bees when used with Universal Electricity

    Whelp, new drama

    One of the IC2 devs (presumably player) told the author of the RF Jetpack Mod that his mod copied some of the code from IC2 jetpacks, the mod author took his mod down, and now reddit has exploded.

    Although to be fair, think about it. If the mod author didn't steal code, why would he take it down when confronted? (not saying he did, just asking) But player threatening court is bad, and makes us look bad too. Edit: He says he wanted to do it to avoid drama, which is kind of failing (in fact, it's the exact opposite. There would be less drama if he hadn't said anything).

    Who made that pastebin post?

    I think the only things from IC2 GT needs are

    • Nuclear power
    • The items for recipes
    • Possibly the storage units
    • (Possibly) Matter Fabrication
    • Internal stuff
    • Rubber trees/some other WorldGen

    Maybe a list of raw materials and values that get added up based on the crafting recipes.
    For example,if a diamond costs 5000mB and a diamond block is made of 9 diamonds,a diamond block costs 45000mB.
    Or if wood costs 20mB,a stick would cost 10mB and a wooden pickaxe would cost 80mB.