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    I can agree with you on gregtech being a tech mod, but there is no other mod that makes the game this hard and I enjoy these challenges. I seem to view gregtech differently than other players. Most view it as another mod. I view it as an extension to vanilla Minecraft that allows you to achieve more at the cost of more time. If I have a bronze age grinder that means I can get more out of an ore than I could in vanilla and therefore that makes greg's annoying nerfs just another step forward in exchange for good things. To sum this up I think Gregtech with hard setting all the way up is a bit to easy in some areas. Specifically animal farming. You have to pay more for better things and getting tons of materials on one piece of ore should be more costly.

    Though one thing that does make me crazy is when greg adds a whole new step of challenge and doesn't add anything there. If he is going to add nerfed animal drops he should at least add some form of electric sheer that can get 1.5 output on wool or a skinning knife that if you kill a cow or chicken with will get you more leather or feathers and maybe even a butcher's cleaver for getting more meat and even getting lamb chops from lamb.

    You should nerf animals like sheep, cows, chicken and pig so that you have to breed them to a higher tier to actually get a good amount of resources out of them. Like say a sheep when killed (tier 1) will drop 1 strand of wool (4 strands of wool equals 1 wool) but if you want to get 1 wool when killing it it has to be (tier 4). You can do this with all of the peaceful mobs by decreasing there drop if they are tier 1 (which they naturally spawn at) so you have to breed them up. It will make the "Stone Age" more challenging.

    Also a cool idea for some room for expansion would be using bismuth ((Element Number 83)(Atomic Weight 208.98)) It is a Post-Transition Metal that when burned or exposed will produce mathematically perfect squares. This can be used for some things like processors later on and now data orbs and energy flow circuits.

    So this is probably my third gregtech world in a new pack and with the new steam machines I keep on having this problem. Whenever I make steam machines they are acting weird. They stop working when there is steam in the system that they can use. I have to pick them up and replace them to work. I have looked on youtube and on these forums and no one seems to have this problem. I was watching Bevolj's series and I copied his setup for the machines and they still don't work. Can someone please help!