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    Thanks for the input guys. Ended up plugging all the free slots with reactor plating. Then using ME precision import / export bus's to pull out depleted and insert Uranium cells.

    Thank you so much :)

    Here's something about Routers: They need to be connected to the inventories to be able to transport between them. And atleast in this version (for MC 1.2.5), Routers could send items to inventories that were connected with eachother with Buildcraft pipes; even connecting the Router with the nuclear reactor using cobblestone structure pipes worked, as those are considered an inventory (not sure if this has changed).
    So you can have all your Routers stacked away somewhere safe and far from your Nuke and just run a simple line of Buildcraft cobblestone structure pipes and they should work.

    That I did not know. I will give that a go. Stack routers on top of one another, pipe em to the Nuke and set each router to extract and put to specific slots !!!

    Cheers Pal.

    Put useless items in the empty slots and then try.

    I'm not scared of blowing it. I just do not know how to go about changing out items via specific slots without the use of an insane number of routers that afaik have to be touching the nuke (not enough sides)

    As I explained earlier ME import / export bus's won't work as you cannot specify slot.

    I want suggestions on how others do it. As I've spent nearly a week now trying what I know of, to no avail.


    I'm really hoping some of you guys can give me a hand here. I'm using the 420 Eu/T reactor design from the main thread. It's working really well. Got 2 of the beasts running giving me 840.

    What I really need is some help automating the swapout of depleted cells for new one's. I've read an read and read on this subject and I just don't know how I can make it work. There's the applied energistic's way. Using import and export bus's. That wont work in this case as there are empty slots in the reactor design. It would just throw the cells in the first available slot and burn the reactor out.

    Then there's the router way from factorization. That would work, but as far as I understand it with me having 7 quad cells you'd need 14 routers (7 in and 7 out) to make this work. I don't think that would work either.

    So my question is, how on earth do you guys automate this stuff? I'm using Direwolf20's modpack 1.0.17.

    On top of that do you find you need to stay with all dual or all quad cell setups? Or is there also a way I am not aware of to automate mixed fuel cells?

    This is giving me serious serious grief and I would really really appreciate some help here.


    Could someone please help me with this before I literally go bald.

    I have a metal former. It's powered ok from below. Above it I have an ME interface. That's connected to my ME network via me cable. And finally I have an import bus from the metal former back to my ME network.

    I made the pattern for copper plates and slammed it in the me interface. It shows up now in my me system. BUT! When I select to make one (yes i've got copper ingots ready to go) nothing at all happens. It just does'nt seem to be feeding the metal former the ingots. WHY!!!!

    Am I missing something? The former is set to rolling mode, so its not like its in the wrong mode.


    I've got major problems with IC2. I've got an several compact solar arrays, 4 medium and 1 high voltage. I also have an ME controller.

    Every now and then, it seems random, the Fibre optic cable (or copper if I use it) just disconnects from the ME controller and the solar arrays.

    This is a pain in the backside as my quarry is connected directly to my ME system. So the ender chest fills up then over flows. The other problem obviously being that the power just drains dry when its disconnected.

    I have to manually break each of the solar panels and the ME controller, then put them back down. This makes the circuit again and then things are fine for a while until it decides again to just disconnect them.

    Has anyone else experienced this or have a fix? (Direwolf20 1.0.12)