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    Honestly I don't know what the id errors would be unless my game automatically generates conflict ids somehow. I only had IC2 and Millienaire running and they didn't work for me. I'm hoping with all the new updates since 1.0 I'll be past that problem!

    Is there a spot on the wiki or on here that lists mods that are compatible with IC2? I'm using IC2 v1.15 and it works with MIllinaire and Humans+, but IC2 1.23 won't work with those mods.

    Ok, I still don't get the new wiring system. :) I've got 3 windmills all wired to a LV transformer. I've got a redstone torch diagonal from the LV transformer. Then I've got a wire (all tin wiring) going from the 3 dot side of the LVT to another LVT, again connecting at the 3 dot side. Then I've got a batbox right next to the LVT that ought to be recieving MV and stepping it down to LV. The distances are not that great, although I'd like to do a long distance power transmission form the hills outside of town down to my home in town. What am I missing?

    Edit: Ok, so i tried to wire 1 windmill to a batbox with 14 tin wires to conect them and I'm not getting any energy in the batbox.

    My friend and I just set up an SMP server. Our problem is that we can craft IC items, but can't move them from the crafting table to our inventory once they are built. It works fine on single player on my pc. Any suggestions?

    I just updated to v. 8.1. Whenever I dig, mine, break, or cut an object I get no resources from it! I've used tools and bare hands. I've deleted the .bin file and redownloaded MC and reinstalled IC. I've started new worlds before installing IC and the game runs with no problems. After IC is when this issue occurs. Even on new worlds with IC I am unable to gather resources.

    Outside of this issue I can craft and use machines without any problem. Any suggestions?

    I've got my bat pack equipped. I've held it and right clicked multiple times. I had a fully charged chainsaw and mining drill. They both used up their charge and then stopped working. My mining drill disappeared after this happened once, I built a new one, recharged it, and used it till it was almost gone. I didn't want to loose another one at this point!

    My pack does show that it had a tiny bit of charge used up, but I don't know how that occurred. Any solutions?