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    Just want to say I'm using this on my bukkit server atm. I told people their advanced machines no longer work so store them up for when it does. Beyond that all the solar panels we have work perfectly. So theres no real issue for us bar the vast new power consumption of the overclocked machines.

    I installed on mah bukkit this evening. Didn't test the machines because I'm happy with the overclockers. I did try one of each compact solar, just stuck it directly on top of the appropriately sized storage unit, and the unit started filling up as expected.

    You'll want to check the block IDs on your current system and update if necessary after you upgrade. I had to shuffle a lot of IDs around to get everything working on my 1.0.0 server and when we upgraded to 1.1, all the LV solars became blocks from another mod. I doubt they've changed but I would check your system to be sure.

    Yeah I just realised the ported version is beta 1, the one which doesnt have a working config. Thats a pain cause I was midway through building my server and client jars before I realised lol. Might wait a few more days.

    So judging from above can it be said that solar panels work fine in smp? But machines dont?
    because if thats the case I will update the server now and people can keep their power but test the new stuff while we wait :p I assume theres no config changes or item id changes?

    any news on smp?
    its still the only thing holding our server at 1.0 at mo

    if its going to be a while can you release a version that atleast just has the items in even if not working, that way we can update and not have all the solar panels and adv machines vanish.

    Seriously bud theres several pages of people asking the same thing :p

    What kind of SMP bugs are you having?

    hopefully nothing too serious! I was playing the sp version yesterday and the shift click thing was annoying but livable, everything else seamed fine. Actually while you're around... How do you get those red power lights on your server working on the posts? I cant see a power source :/
    *edit Wouldnt mind knowing what plugin you're using to warp on button presses too :p

    Indeed- I'm inclined to agree with you guys that the underlying issue is the ability to create scrap at all. Not that it's imbalanced in and of itself - UU-Matter is still pretty expensive even with scrap - but if the recycler encourages people to set up mechanisms that bring a server to its knees, then the server admins understandablyh want to address it in some way.

    I suppose it makes sense - if you blacklist cobble, they'll turn to cane farms or something. But those things don't seem to have as detrimental an effect on server performance.

    Hah! Lies! I once copied over a building schematic for a sugercane farm that produced about 70,000 cane per hour! That massacred us all :p
    But yeah theres 2 key problems in the game atm. One is getting cobble from water and lava out of nowhere, and the other is getting snow from snowmen tiles in unlimited quantities. These are both features of vanilla that can be exploited with the block breaker. The breaker in itself isnt an issue but I dont know of a way to solve the blocks they use?

    But what other reason would they have for using cobble gens? Unless you're recycling that cobble into scrap or into EMC in Equivalent Exchange, I can't really see a reason for wanting to make it in those quantities.

    Oh no I agree with you. But you cant ban one thing from the recyclers without having to ban all the others which can be mass produced just as easily, and then finding a way to ban people from using snowmen and blockbreakers to mass produce as well.
    All I was suggesting is you'd be better off banning either the recycler, or the block breaker. I would suggest the recycler more as people on my server also make large machines for scrap production purely to auto-crafting-table them in to scrap boxes then use a redpower item deployer to spam out random items, which can then be sorted and macerated /smelted / binned. At least, thats what I do :p But I'm a bad admin.
    So my main point is, banning one or two items wouldnt solve the problem.

    If server owners really want to help prevent that "race" the config has a very simple solution simply add cobble stone to the list and a cobble gen is useless (though adding moonstone and/or sand) might be needed as well) the only down side of this is that it does make so one of the god things about the recycle goes away; where to throw your spare useless stuff

    I think if you're going to do that you would also need to add smoothstone, sand, snowballs, snowblocks, ice, gravel etc. Because all these can be made with a blockbreaker and a simple machine operation too. The effort to remove all this would be so difficult you may as well remove the recycler from crafting.

    I was just complaining about this last night. It's not the recyclers, it's the ability to create free cobble with gens. Adding cobble to that list wouldn't be very bright for a server owner.

    I'm glad your server hasnt been overcome with snowmen yet then :p Once people on my server realised how much more you can produce with snowmen and blockbreakers compared to cobble generators they went nuts.

    How high do they stack?

    does that mean yuo could have 2 full stacks of 1?
    4 Stacks of one, if you so wish.

    Overclockers cause the speed to increase by 1.3 times, and energy consumption to increase by 1.5 times, per upgrade, and can lead to insane EU usage. There will even reach a point where your recycler will use more EU making the scrap then the scrap would give you (even in a Mass Fabricator). (Granted, the Recycler would move stuff through faster then 100 Snowmen Block Breaking set-ups could produce, but it would be a loss in EU.)

    Oh right I see I never thought about the EU loss. Because of the lag of my 150 block breakers and recyclers atm I was considering going for a scrapless pure power production but the advanced recyclers seamed ideal to sort it. Are your numbers sound? 1.5x power increase? I could dome some maffing (:p) and figure out how much I could handle before it becomes lossy. Mass fabs make UU with 166k I think when scrapped up. No wait it wouldnt be about that I think. Cause we would need to work out eu/tick. My income during the day is currently around 6k, and at night only 3k. hmmm.

    Quick question while I wait this out. Theres little info on the wiki about the new upgrades and I was curious. How high do they stack? Also theres 4 upgrade slots in the pics and 3 upgrades, does that mean yuo could have 2 full stacks of 1? The main reason I ask is because the only thing I will likely use the upgrades for is a snowman powered recycler. Atm I have masses of recyclers being fed by 1 snowman, or rows of block breakers, and hoping to be able to switch it up to 1 recycler with upgrades.

    *edit. Actually I agree with above about needing an extreme voltage solar panel :p I currently have 6 HV panels and each day I get together enough mats with UU to make at least 1 more! And ofc with a new panel, every day I can get more. We already have a solar panel factory on server (insert mats, get out solar panels) so its only a matter of time until we get solar panel powered mass fabs producing solar panels constantly, and then we're all doomed...

    Have you guys considered using mods like buildcraft or red power in conjunction with these? Red power especially can pull multiples of materials out of machines with ease. My server base has setups which transfer materials in stacks of 16 without hassle or lag. Buildcraft can also do similar. The redstone engine can only take 1 item at a time from machines, but the steam engine can do 10 and the combustion can do 64. Should easily suffice for your needs.

    Ok using a combination of mods, but mainly ic2, I have build a wonderful system of red power block breakers, feeding recyclers, feeding my mass fab. Each stage of the machine is controlled from a control room where I am hoping to gain more control lol. Atm the block breakers feed a central chest and that chests blocks are pumped in to recyclers. The problem ofc is that the block breakers are impos to get just right so they produce as much as the machines use. I have a lever in the control room which switches all the block breakers on and off when I need to, and I have a red light linked to the power box cable which feeds the recyclers, so when the recyclers arent working, ie have run out of blocks, the light comes on. This works great but I have no way, without going to look, to see when the chest is filled up. On a normal day I would make the input pipe go into the side of a chest and the overflow fall in to lava, but in this case the machine build is too densly packed to allow any kind of adjustment.
    So what I am hopeing for is any way to either display a chests contents remotely, or tell me when theres overflow, or something like this.
    I know I use a big combo of mods but IC is the main one for this layout and I'm hoping someone knows a good solution :p
    Appreciate any help!

    Strange. I've been using bukkit fine with 3.0 for ages. Went to upgrade today and client 3.1.1 works fine, but the Bukkit jar refuses to start. I've tried removing all the old advanced machines files from the jar and it starts fine. I've removed the file in the config folder and no joy. I copy the 3.1.1 files straight in to the jar like normal and it just refuses to run. Sounds like everyone elses is working fine :/ Am I missing something obvious?