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    Awh, now i want iridium reflectors even more :( they at least scale with with what you put them next to. Would it be viable in gregtech? since then you would get away with making 2 iridium reflectors instead of 4 for the same production

    I recently started looking into nuclear and since i happen to be a bit of a efficiancy freak ive been mostly looking into the most efficient reactors. I am by all means a rookie when it comes to reactor design however when i looked into the 4 chamber design made by SpwnX i really wanted the efficiency however i wasn't that keen on the running cost.

    The design i came upp with is entirely based on SpwnX design however i changed it in a few parts to decrease the running cost while maintaining the 500 eu/tick, 25 efficiency. Material cost is probably slighly more expensive (haven't actully checked), however i think needing only 2 reflectors instead of 4 more than makes up for that.

    Mark 1 EA+
    EU/tick 500
    Efficiancy: 25
    Building cost: Should be similar to SpwnX build
    Running cost: 24 uu 238, 9 copper, 16 tin, 16 coal per cycle


    Since im very new to this it is entirely possible that you could probably improve on this design quite a bit however i do think this setup has great potential. There is currently one unused slot in the reactor which i dont know what to do with however im unsure if it matters. if not, feel free to point out why.