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    I define the efficiency as million eu produced per fuel rod. This works well since you then can compare the different types of reactor designs.

    If the reactor produces 120 million eu over one cycle using 20 fuel rods that would be an efficiency of 6 million eu/fuel rod. This way you can easily compare the efficiency per fuel rod between regular, mox and fluid reactors.

    There is also a nice trick for calculating the efficiency of fluid reactors using this method as well. with stirling 1 hu/s=1eu/t and with superheated steam it is 1 hu/s=1,5eu/t. So lets say a 5 efficiency reactor(by my definition) produces 200 eu/t and produces 600 heat. In fluid mode that would equal 600 eu/t with stirling and 900eu/t with superheated steam. that means with stirling the reactor would be 600/200= 3 times more effective with stirling and 900/200=4,5 times more efficient with superheated steam. If we multiply this by the non fluid mode efficiency of 5 we get an efficiency of 15-22,5 million eu per fuel rod. For reactors that are not in even 100 the maximum we can do is 1,5 times even hundreds of heat then we add the remaining as stirling power. so 620 hu/s would be 900+20 eu/tick maximum

    How are you currently calculating efficiency? I seem to believe it is wrong now that i started looking into it. And so is the old designer since it does not take into consideration that the fuel rods now last for 20000s rather than 10000s. The efficiency is correct for mox fuel rods (as they are still 10000s) but it is half of what it should be on regular reactors and fluid reactors.

    The efficiency of the thorium reactors are also wrong.
    This should be 7

    112million eu/16 thorium rods=7. The simulator says its 1,4

    I think exact amount would be best.

    I would say base it on industrialcraft where possible. Then you could add a toggle for gregtech so you can calculate it by gregtech defaults aswell.

    It makes sense that the cost of gregtech designs use gregtech defaults and ic2 designs use their defaults so both are needed.

    Please add a more summarized component list for easy comparison. While the current list is good for when you want to build the thing it makes it very hard to compare with other designs.
    Something like
    100 copper, 50 iron, 40 lead etc etc

    Also, what is included in the material list, only the components or also the reactor itself (regular, 5x5)?

    It seems like all of the recent good designs were authored by you, I would love to see how you do it.

    Thats a topic in itself. The short of it is playing around with different designs a lot. After a while you learn a lot of different tricks for how to maximize the slots you have available. Most of all you start being able to see at glance if it is likely a specific core design will work or not. So first you find a rod configuration that have the desired output/efficiency. You compare that to how much cooling you can typically get out from a reactor. For example overclocked heat vent setup a good design will usually avarage at around 13-14 cooling per slot fuel rods excluded (somewhere around 600-672 cooling). If you are much lower than that you can reduce the number of chambers and if you are above it you will know that the cooling likely wont work. That way you wont spend several hours trying to make a design that will never work.

    writing it in .txt first before so i can review it easier. It wont really be in depth, more like a crash course. I will probably still require 2 post to fit it all but i will see where i end up. If the thread becomes popular i might flesh it out and make a wiki guide

    I will leave a link to the two other major design threads as well but i won't mind adding a few more design by popular demand. when it all comes down to it i think people usually either go for large output 0 chambers or high efficiency 5-6 chamber or high output 5-6 chambers. 1-4 chambers are probably a lot more rarely used so i probably won't add a lot of those.

    The feeling im getting is really that a new thread with all types of designs are included: regular, mox and 5x5 with both ic2 and gregtech variations. The different reactor design are now spread out in 3+ threads that are not updated regurarly or at all.

    With some feedback i should be able to make a good summary post of all different reactor designs but i think it will take quite some time. And it would also require a new cost calculator since the old one is not to date since like forever. Preferably this would be a good oportunity to go over to the new reactor designer and move away from the the old one that hasn't been updated in 2-3 years. Is there still some progress done on the new reactor simulator?

    I will start writing on a large tutorial/reactor design thread tonight. My goal is to give a short tutorial to all things nuclear and present the different types of nuclear reactors together with all the best designs and some general considerations.

    I will mostly focus on 5 or 6 chamber reactors (if i add in all small reactors as well the post will become waaaaay to long) and will include knowhow and designs from regular reactors, mox, 5x5, 5x5 mox, plutonium breeding, mark 5 reactors and on/off reactors as well as gregtech and reflector variations of these types.

    I expect this to take a few days to write...

    I hope that in time this thread will take over the old designs thread to give people a better overview of the wonders of ic2 nuclear power. If people have sugestions of what they want the thread to contain now would be the time to leave suggestions :)

    I feel we should give some of these designs some attention, several of them are actually really good. Is anyone updating the list at page 6 right now? and also the list should probably be moved to the first page :P i could take it upon myself if no one else is interested

    I haven't made exact calculations but i think a max size 5x5 with superheated steam is in the order of 2000-3000 just counting the ingots. Might make an excell sheet later to calculate the cost. Don't think there is any accurate cost calculators for reactors right now. Althought i think the cost differs a lot between gregtech and regular ic2 with regular ic2 being more expensive for once

    I think your golden beast is pretty nice. It gets outperformed by one of the reactors on the list thought. Yours should be a bit cheaper but lets be honest, by the time you make 5x5 the cost is not really an issue.

    higher efficiency, slighly higher output and uses dual rods instead of quad cores. The efficiency is still a bit to low in my taste for 5x5 but i think this one is the best easily automated core design for 5x5

    The mox reactor is less good than the ones found in the mox thread, ou should take a look at those. In my experience mox in 5x5 is not very good. It's better to stick with regular mox. Also have you tried it? I'm quite certain that reactor would lead to a crater if you tried to run it as a 5x5 mox

    I tested the old design in the new reactor planner and there the reactor overheated. If that is the case your design would be the better one. Im making an updated list so i will be adding your design there for best efficiency while easy to automate

    Oh my... that is certainly some Iridium usage.

    In my experience the difficulty is only finding a vein with iridium, not the amount. Once you have it, you have all the iridium you want. So in practice there is no difference between using 1 iridium reflector and 8. Either you have no iridium or you have all you want.

    I made an alternative thorium design for you, it is slighly lower efficiency but the output is a lot higher. Considering the cost of a 5x5 it feels like one should maximize the output of the reactor. The cost of the fuel itself is quite low in comparison with the cost of the reactor after all.


    Also it uses the same amount of reflectors as your old design and most of the components are the same so it should not be that expensive to change design if you feel like switching.

    I've tested the reactor now in beyond reality now and it seems to work flawlessly. It takes a while before the reactor reaches its full output which it seems to do at about 1% hull heat. Then the output varies between rougly 1332 and 1352. Ive let it run for about 15 minutes and it does not seem to encounter any problems.

    I've let it run for one and a half cycle now, no problem whatsoever. Think its safe to say that it's completly safe :)

    This will likely be my reactor of choice for future for gregtech, vanilla reactors can't really compete. I will probably add the thorium reactor aswell just to have a use for it.

    I'm really happy about this one. The efficiency is 6 so slighly lower than those above but damn is the output high. I managed to squeeze in 672 cooling in this reactor which is the highest any reactor i've seen reach (tied with SSD's high power high running cost reactor but with twice the efficiency).


    Also since it uses only quad cells its easy to automate and only uses 4 reflectors.

    Considering how expensive a 5x5 is to build to begin with i think this is the most bang for you buck considering efficiency, cost and output.

    So in comparison with zombies max efficiency design the output is 64 Hu/s higher and uses 2/3 of the fuel, pretty darn good if i would say it myself. it actually even far outperforms my mark 5 reactors and on/off reactors both in efficiency and output.

    I don't completly trust the old simulator thought so i think i'm gonna have to try it out in creative. Which modpack where you using?

    These are the best ones i've come up with so far:

    This one made the only possible core design for efficiency 7 reactor but its a little bit on the small side so i tried to make the design as efficient/cheap as possible.


    Then i tried to scale it up with somewhat lower efficiency but as high output as possible and i ended up with this:


    I also managed this thing that is between those two:


    That depends if it is with or without gregtech. The best mark 1 design for 5x5 U235 reactor is zombies old high efficiency reactor which is the best one by quite a fair margain.


    Never played around with those design much because they where pretty much already optimized by the time i started designing nuclear reactors.

    I moved on quite quickly to mark 5 reactors since they are so much better if you can be bothered with the controlls.

    On/off reactors are really easy to make, you need one redstone clock that outputs a redstone pulse every cycle (in this case 9 seconds). I think you can do this with vanilla minecraft but ive mostly been doing it with other addons. Then you turn that pulse into the desired lenght by using redstone repeaters.

    Regular U-235 5x5 using iridium reflectors is an entirely different matter thought and that has not been optimized to my knowledge. I'm quite certain i could make some really interesting designs that would far outperform zombies old design by a fair margain. Might look into it tonight

    If i don't need an even amount of vents i could produce this little thing :)


    5 seconds on and 4 seconds off. And if it is like you said this would produce 840 eu/tick. Don't think its possible to go bigger than this with a single thorium reactor.

    Funny thing is that this one would never go above 0 in heat. it produces 1008 heat which is the precise amount the overclocked heat vents pull. The extra heat they accumulate over those 5 seconds is then removed during the 4 seconds they are off :)

    Do you have steves factory manager?

    I know since previous that it fills the containers in order of distance, so the last heat exchanger would get the odd amount

    Also, does it have to be a mark 1 reactor? I could try to make a fixed cycle design. There aren't really any other core designs that gives 7 efficiency but the one you have in your design. And if you make it bigger the cooling is not enough. For maximum efficiency that should be the optimal solution