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    Welcome! This is an advertisement for a relatively small server that I'm running for me, and my friends. To make the server feel more like a server in the population aspect, I would like to recruit people of the age of 16+ to the server. I know this thread may not sound like it but we're a group of chill, laidback guys just mucking around :)

    We are running a private pack. As for server hardware, it's running on 8GB of RAM with a Intel i7-4770K and 15 slots open.

    On the topic of rules, we have very little. You can grief, steal, etc. If your enemies don't defend themselves or you don't have peace treaties with them, by all means!
    The main rule as of right now is to not exploit and if you find a bug, please report it. As for the other small ones, you'll have access to them when you're whiteisted. The rules are always subject to change.

    Server Description:
    This is meant to be a regular modded server with a hint of war/PvP so you likely will need to protect yourselves. However, the slots are very limited so I would imagine that there wouldn't be much attackers, and I've also provided all the mods you need to effectively WorldGuard-like your base (MFFS). Ideally, you'd make sure that no one would know where you live and that if they did know, you'd trust them not to grief you. I would also like people who join to be well-acquainted with the mods but will also accept the newer guys as well. We also have a mining world!

    List of major disabled items (subject to change):
    Quantum Suits (balance)
    MFFS Interdiction Matrix Player Module (and a few other things from MFFS) (balance)
    Mining Laser (balance)
    Distortion Cloak (balance)
    Ender Bow, and shot (balance)

    List of mods (I can add more if requested!):


    • Age 16+
    • Microphone
    • Teamspeak

    A kick**s attitude! (optional)

    How to get whitelisted:
    This is not a simple server where you'd submit your application and get accepted. Due to the limited amount of slots, you must submit an application, and talk to us in TS (don't worry, we don't bite ;)) for a bit before you get whitelisted. Before our TS talk, please fillout this simple application and either PM it to me or post it here and I'll get back to you!

    Got a microphone, and Teamspeak? Can you get it it for us pretty pwease? :D
    Do you have experience with the mods?
    Would you be willing to take impromptu, manual updates of the pack from time to time?

    Screenshots (one of our bases, we just started the server so our bases ain't all that good ;)):

    Thank you for your interest, and I hope to see you join our family!

    It is not part of that bug. People can live with their machines being faced the wrong way. What people can't live with is their machines not receiving ANY power at all. I would like to clarify that i have updated my Forge to the latest #171 build and YES, cables are connected from the batbox to the machine and yes, the batbox is getting power (from a lv solar panel) and my machines still no more power.No options of power generation are working either (except for compact solars).

    Hey, guys. I did manage to port this addon over to 1.97 but i need pwnedgod's permission to release it publicly. Idk what he had planned for the mod (heard he was doing a rewrite) but i did a straight port with a few minor changes so don't expect what he had planned for the mod.

    Hey guys, i am using ic2 1.71b-R5 for bukkit 1.1-R4 and whenever i relog, the rotation of all my machines get screwed up and no one can buy from trade-o-mats as they don't see the item in the locked input and output slot so the trade-o-mat won't accept any input. I can see the locked input and output but no one else can so they cannot buy from it. I just started this bukkit server so everything is latest version