!!! Forge 3.4.9 fixes the SERVER machine facing bug !!!

  • Client: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?qia7vxmc051ogkz
    Server: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mxhjmeol7xt25ln
    Jenkins/Source: http://lexmanos.no-ip.org:8080/job/Forge/171/

    After installing it, replace cpw/mods/fml/server/FMLServerHandler.class in the server jar with this or the fix won't work:

    It isn't a recommended build yet, Lex is busy this weekend and will promote it to recommended as soon as he can get a build post done.
    The next patch (for 1.2.5 we promise!) will require it as well as a safety measure.

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  • Is that all this version resolves, though?
    If it just fixes machine orientation without rectifying the e-net disconnection issue then it's really rather pointless, as we'll all have correctly oriented machinery that still doesn't bloody well work properly.

    If however it fixes the e-net issue as well - then the thread title should really reflect that ;)

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  • Link fixed.

    I can confirm that this does fix both the machine facing bug AND the EnergyNet issues I was having. I do get some random server console issues mentioning the patched file and things already having been added to the EnergyNet, but the exceptions are caught and only happen when I place new machines, so are tolerable for now. Thanks for the fix!

    Apparently, this fix ALSO fixes Twilight Forest not being able to create the portal to the Twilight Forest in SMP. WOW! :)

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  • i tryed doing this on my server and client and i get this error

  • Got the same problem here :(