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    I may point out, you'Re doing it wrong.
    70% for me.

    1. Copper is brown, not red.
    2. Putting Watermill and Redstone in is a considerable annoyance. You name a few blocks and thus Redstone is assumed to be meant as a block too... and placed redstone does not produce EU.
    3. Nuclear Reactors use Lapis, too. Advanced circuits, pretty much.

    I got 70% for the same reasons.
    I judged that while you can use redstone to power machines the redstone itself does not produce EU.

    I use redpower and watergens for my prefered LV system.

    Yo can use a deployer to fill a bucket from a water source then use a filter behind it to pull only filled buckets and send them to the water mills via tubes.

    Finally use a retreiver connected to the tube network to pull only empty buckets from the water mills and put them back into the deployer.

    Connected it all with Tin cable and you have a system that can feed about 12 watermills, this equals 24 EU/t.

    The exact same system can also feed buckets of water into a reactor.