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    Adien if you have access to an SMP server would you be able to test this changed server side class for me?
    We don't really run teleporters so testing its eh, seems to work on ones that are about the max draw distance apart without kicking me with allow-flight=false set.

    Tempted to go through and knock out all the double chat messages (ie tele charge levels, freq messages, etc) >.<

    Just re-posting this over here, SMP fix for mobile chargers and ITNT/NTNT.
    Slightly less elegant then Nargons' SSP method in that I just don't let the cleanup touch mobile chargers, but it generally doesn't become an issue.

    Please make sure to make a backup before using this patch. (Both worlds and jars)
    It should not do any damage but it is always better to be safe then sorry.

    IC 8.55_02 IshFix v0.2 (DropBox)
    Alt Link (MediaFire)

    -Install IC 8.55_02 like normal
    Client: Install BOTH Modloader and ModloaderMP (Client) then IC. (Do delete META-INF folder)
    Server: Install ModLoaderMP (Server) then IC. (Do NOT delete META-INF folder)

    ModLoader Link
    ModLoaderMPs Link

    -Install IshFix by adding included files to jars as follows:
    The files INSIDE each folder go into the root of their respective .jars.
    ie. Look in the jar for mod_IndustrialCraft.class, if you can see that then your in the right spot.

    Changes from IC 8.55_02:
    -Mobile chargers should now work.
    -SMP MFE's display power out of /60000 and have working power bars, MFS units still meh.
    -ITNT/NTNT now detonates on redstone or a LEFT-CLICK from a flintnsteel.
    -ITNT/NTNT now are able to be picked up by left clicking them. (Obviously without a flintnsteel in hand)
    -ITNT/NTNT do not detonate from fire (Needs a basefile mod)

    If you have problems please try to get me a crash report etc on the minecraftforums.