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    that wouldn't be a bad idea.
    IC doesn't need an extra ore and in that way we can keep our worlds if it ever gets implanted.

    wouldn't it be more realistic if u use aluminium for canning and HV cables.
    If you in real life use iron for your hv cables than they would rip apart from the sudden peak of induction and they would act as in a giant coil,
    resulting that there would be first a voltage and then a current which isn't interesting if you are running on AC because it would mean you have a power factor ranges of 90°; meaning you need a capacitor to make it back as it were and creating more loss on the cable.
    Not only that but aluminium is less resistant than iron or copper.
    Also can's nowadays are made out of it.

    it would be the same as any other material found at same depths as tin.

    it's something to think about.