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    Personally, I don't touch any of the advanced machines until I can support them idling all the time. I realize this is more troublesome if you are trying to setup deep mining base where solar and wind power aren't feasible.
    Unless you have Buildcraft tubes taking up your space or something, you just have to put a block next to them and power that, say on top, in order to control them individually. If you aren't using Red Power 2, you could use arsenic87's hotfix, which neither has the indirect redstone thing, nor has forge ore dictionary support that cpw's hotfix has. Just some thoughts for ya.

    The only thing I noticed is that applying a redstone current to one of them will also apply that current to adjacent blocks - a bonus if you want to warm up a few machines with one switch, but a drawback if you like to manage power more carefully. In the end, I spaced them between non-redstone machines like the Recycler and Canner.

    Yeah that's something that patcher added, they indirectly receive redstone power from an adjacent block that is directly receiving redstone power, advanced machine blocks or otherwise.

    I was following my miner down the shaft the other day and noticed it was leaving behind silver within it's scan range. RP2 copper and tin (and seems like nicolite but I didn't observe) are still actively pursued but not silver. I'm not sure if anything can be done from IC2's end but thought I would let you know.
    I'm running latest versions of both mods in question.

    If the machine should break, it would be akin to some parts getting lost in the dis-assembly process, right? The way it is now, sometimes ALL the parts go missing except the metal case the machine came in. Perhaps wrenching a "less-mobile" machine should drop the components of the machine with the chance of some failing to drop. While penalizing not planning ahead, this would be much less devastating than "well you found the metal box, but all the parts inside seem to have escaped through one of those instantaneous tiny black holes in the fabric of the universe, along with your pencil and your left sock."

    This is still assuming normal circumstances though, the issue of version changes causing issues is still a problem. Still, losing a plating or two wouldn't feel so bad as losing both chambers as in the OP's situation. And then maybe there could be a couple more tiers of wrench (advanced alloy and iridium plate seemed reasonable tier 2 and 3 materials) with less chance of losing components and/or lower maximum possible number of components lost. The better wrenches more reflect the expertise level of the industrial engineer than actual quality of tool. Not sure how feasible all that is with the programming, but just my friend's and my four cents.

    I know industrial machines are normally assembled and dis-assembled by teams of people to prevent property destruction and deal with heavy weight. But remember Steve is one man in a world of monsters. One man who could wash up on a sandy shore, punch down a tree with his bare fists, saw the logs into planks with his bare hands, punch the wool of a sheep to make his bed (r.i.p. punching wool off of sheep), and build a house before the first night fell. He clearly has Norrisian strength and at least some expertise in construction. I think he can be given the benefit of the doubt at least a little bit.:P

    Why does Alblaka want the wrench to be imperfect? To reward you for planning ahead with your machine placement? Because there were going to be more tiers of wrench with the differentiating factor being that success rate? To troll all the users of his mod, inadvertently trolling himself with the endless bug reports about a deliberate feature? I do wonder.
    Edit: I found the wrench discussion, so you know and don't link it for me :)