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    I've started making "solar wings" myself. Unlike the flower, these lie flat, branching off 4 away from the central batbox to create a flat pyramid shape. I do them one on each side, and could add some between each wing but choose not to. The biggest bonus of this is copper wire, colored green and yellow (nearby renewable dyes) so that CPU drag is minimal at best, what with the nicely organized wires and all. I believe I get 16 per half-wing, so 32 per batbox, and it's fun to lay them flat on a roof or on a field, gives some creative atmosphere and looks like a real solar farm, long flat black areas that you can even walk on.

    I was using scrap boxes because I didn't have a matter fab at the time. And this is a lot of work for comparatively little gain, but it's very well regulated and I enjoy building complicated machines. The main cobblestone box could be any size and it would still run perfectly fine, no chance over overflowing the recycler, and it would squeeze out any efficiency possible. I had 20 solar panels producing more than enough energy to run this monster and store some for extra use, like my usual macerators and furnaces for after-mining purposes. It was a fun little engineering challenge and it gave me some great output at comparatively low tech and low power costs. Plus, I got plenty of gold helmets to help those special ed kids that I'm sponsoring!

    I'm always amazed at the raw power that a dedicated server can muster. 2,000 solar panels? Fluff that off, it's no big weight! Especially if you're using smart use of colored cables, you can reduce the drag considerably by prevent cross-traffic.

    On to subject though, an Extreme Voltage storage would be pretty neat. Intakes any power, outputs EV. For those times that you absolutely HAVE to give cancer to everyone standing near the wire! And if we're following the scheme of the other storage, then it should likely store on the order of 75mil, based on a rough estimation of storage growth rates.

    Alternatively, I'd love to see multi-block storage that integrated itself. Similar to the nuclear reactor, having a large machine that stored power would be a nice pillar in the middle of the community from which flows the glory of electric life... I know that you can simply stack MFSU's outputting towards each other to create a "storage tower" but still... I like big creations :P

    As a question on this: Is it viable to have two MSFU's each facing a HV transformer set to extreme, and set them in a loop? In theory, you charge up one MSFU with redstone so it stays full. Now when you deactivate the redstone, the device realizes "there's an empty device over there" and sends EV down the wire to the empty MSFU. The now-partially-charged MSFU then realizes "that device isn't topped off!" and sends EV through another wire and fills the first MSFU back to almost-full. This way, both MSFU's will keep sending power to each other, and the EV transformer ensures that it's sending superlethal charges. You'd be losing energy to uninsulated wire, so it would eventually wear down, but you could rather easily apply redstone to one MSFU and it would stop the flow, allowing you to refill it via crystal, and considering the loss rates and the amount of power in total, it would be a rather low loss.

    Bonus points if the redstone stays active, but a pressure plate causes it to invert, thus creating on-demand zapping power when a creeper enters the perimeter.

    (I can badly draw a diagram using the forum symbols if needed.)

    Also, for the record:
    Set up a large chest full of cobblestone, and have a pipe sending the cobble past 3 macerators, with a gold pipe to send them faster. In my attempts, a slow moving block was liable to try and go down a tube and fall out of the system, so an active gold pipe is needed. Loop the pipe back around so that it leads back into the main chest - you'll be drawing stone faster than the macerators can process it.

    Once macerated, pull the sand produced through some iron pipes and channel it to an induction furnace, turning the sand into glass. From there, send it to an automatic work bench, converting glass into glass panes at a 16:6 ratio. Then shunt the glass panes into a recycler. At this rate, 3 macerators will produce material at slightly under the rate of recycling. It's quick enough to keep busy, but slow enough that you can add more scrap if you find the need. I had a feed chest that would dispense panes, but could also add dirt or whatever to it and it'd get recycled fairly reliably. Hooking up the recycler was a bit of a pain though, as items would often slip past it. I finally settled on a 2x2 square of pipes, with an iron pipe that would let items into the loop but not out, and a gold pipe that would keep them swirling, turning the pipe loop into a buffer system that could hold some materials while the recycler worked, and keep the recycler running at peak performance.

    A large chest of stone at 12.5% scrap rate would turn 54 stacks of cobblestone into 6.75 stacks (432) of scrap. Through the conversion to glass and panes, you get 18 stacks (1,152) of scrap, over 2.5x returns. That's 128 scrap boxes, and if I'm doing the conversion right, that's 3-4 diamonds on average. I quarried a whole chunk and got 3+ large chests of cobblestone, so that's easily a dozen diamonds running through the machine! For bonus points, I had it sort garbage like wooden hoes and junk back into the recyler, so only the good stuff was kept. Sadly I deleted my world so I can't show off this messy jumble of pipes, but I had linked it to a dispenser and a repeater to auto-deploy the scrap boxes and sort them as well. It was rather glorious...

    So I was looking over my world, and realized that gold wasn't exactly bountiful for me. And me, wanting to make a minecart system, was going to have trouble without boosters and without powered rails. Then it occurred to me that electric minecarts make a lot of sense! They're work about the same as your usual powered minecart, but run off batteries (hopefully with a GUI window to load and unload) and might have a better push value. This would be super-useful for long range trips where gold minecart tracks aren't exactly usable, or for adding a bit of "mechanical" power to a creation, instead of the magical redstone "suddenly it's moving" situation.

    I don't know how/if minecarts can be modded in, but it'd be pretty neat. Bonus points of they had two optional track pieces, a recharger and a launcher. When the launcher receives redstone input, it activates the minecart, and when it's lacking redstone it deactivates the minecart, allowing you to set up detector rails and delays so that you could easily dock and call upon your powered carts. Charging rails or some form of station would work similarly. When the minecart passes over it, it adds electrical charge. This could also be a block that you place beside the track, so that you could have your cart move into a launcher, which stops it in place, and ends up sitting right beside a charger block that quickly refills the battery. "substations" would be viable this way, by having the cart pause next to a small solar flower/batbox and recharge before resuming transit, allowing for truly massive and rather automatic railways.

    I'm a fan of powered minecarts, but they never get enough love :<