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    Here we are:

    Yeah I didn't do anything with a sz.class file. The only instructions I followed were in the op. Am I suppose to take the sz.class file from the client minecraft.jar and put it in the minecraft server jar?


    Nevermind the client does have the sz.class file. I just put the zip in the mods folder to install. The modloader.txt file doesn't have any information about the crash either.

    Fair enough :).

    I just made my first portable teleporter. I went to link it to my regular teleporter and it crashed with no crash log. I'm on SMP using the latest version of IC2 and this mod. Hopefully I just did something wrong. I did charge it first before linking it. It also depleted when I used it so I tried linking it again and it crashed again with no crash log.

    You can teleport EUs right now, but not natively in IC2.

    You need:

    Additional pipes (teleport pipes)
    power crystal's Power converter > converts ic to bc and bc to ic

    Here's how it works. Solar panel > cable > power link > teleport pipe > teleport pipe > engine generator > cable > batbox/mfe/mfs. There is a little more to it than that, but that's the jist.

    This enables you to have solar panels one place, and use the EU's anywhere you please. If you have buildcraft, you can power your quarries with solar power. It's amazing.

    I agree that redistributing the mods in a form not approved is wrong.

    That being said, there MUST be a way for these mods to get packed together which makes it easy to install. The biggest hurdle for new players that want to experience these mods is how convoluted the installation process. Yes, once you get used to it it's not that bad, but what % of ppl that attempt it actually figure it out before getting frustrated and giving up? Modloader, modloadermp, forge, bc, ic, eloraam. Most of these have multiple downloads and heaven forbid you want to play multiplayer. Then it's even worse.

    The bottom line is mod packs like this ARE a good thing. And we as a modding community will grow as the ability to access our mods gets easier. Not to mention more profitable for the mod creators.