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    Growing crops became harder in GT5uE?. My tine and coppon bushes unable to reach last stages without fertilizer and a hydration cell related material block beneath it. I remember that they grew fine even in shitty conditions in GT5 about a year ago.

    UPD: Nice changelog.

    Does steel or titanium plated BRICKS exist? Use machine casings (I don't remember the name exactly) instead of bricks.

    It seems that ExtraCells Import Bus is trying to take liquid from the Fluid Extractor and then the Extractor is trying to decrease amount of liquid and crashed(or push to the Bus). May be the Bus is taking 1000mB and the Extractor have less then 1000, or Greg's machine doesn't see a target to push liquid, something like that.
    Try to play with amount of liquid in the Extractor and with Import Bus options.

    I don't know what is ExtraCells now, but EC for 1.6.4 AE was buggy addon and some actions caused crashes.

    If able, try making two seperate pipelines connecting to different sides (such as top and back), with the machines spaced 0110110 style so they can vent from the sides, with a seperate boiler (or other source) on each line. You can combine them if you really need to somewhere downstream, preferably using shutters to prevent sloshing.

    This technique also works with power, and is more useful there because it can reduce the load on your lines and reduce fire risks.

    It will not help - steam machines realy receive only half of steam "packet".

    By the way, wtf on screens related?

    I had looked in GregTech_API, there was "This File contains the functions used to get Items and add Recipes." in comments, but I didn't find nothing. I had tried to look for the method in greg.api.items like ic2api have, but nothing.

    I am just using

    1. ItemList.Crop_Drop_Coppon.get(1L, 0)

    Btw, what do you use besides GT on the skyblock? any special presets/other stuff you did?

    AE2, ComputerCraft, BetterVanilla+RockGrinder for crafting clay.
    I need something now for creating rare materials like lapis lazuli, uranium or antimony. I thought that I would be able to create them with MassGen at 1.7 GregTech, but I'm really disappoint - previous version (1.6.4) was much better. May be Greg will add missed stuff later, I don't know.