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    Let's just say this,
    I have nothing against TT or Gregtech, but the LEAST he could do was test this on his own time, because this is the type of stuff that's breaking my instance of SolitaryCraft (ATlauncher)
    Now, MDiyo might have tried to prevent a conflict by trying to his own dictionary (I barely have intelligence in Forge, Only used it for a couple hours total), but trying to unload GregTech entirely just put that out of the question.
    I'd say other things about this, but that would make me look like an idiot if this boils over as some other way, and make me look like I'm raging.
    Think on the bright side though: At least he didn't bury this script in his core mod instead of as a plugin, which would force rage, and cause people intentionally modifying a modification without any permission because they thought it was okay to do so. (Again, barely know anything about forge, or java, but just enough to have a try at an intelligent approach)
    Any modding guy who has a mod that's seen in many modpacks, or looked as if he/she spent days upon days making a modification is on my good side by default. So, let's just leave it as that.

    This doesnt make any sense to me, and i feel too sleepy to even properly answer ~SpwnX

    Dwarf fortress is a fun game.. but i think that people should be able to share their fortress maps.. it gets boring after awhile to build a fortress...
    i like to play the adventurer mode.. it actually is quite fun if you know how to set up your character...
    Check the dwarf fortress wiki for help on your fortress.. but its going to bore the shit out of you to build it...
    also, check the wiki for the character setup too..
    If you really want to have fun, try arena test.. its kinda fun to live in that castle thingy in the bottom-right corner of the map.. (yeah, it sucks. you cant use worlds)
    only thing that sucks about arena test is that you cant use backpacks or quivers..

    With creative research (viewing the class files using winrar doesn't tell me jack shit) I found 2
    I managed to get two crossbreeds (both were done on super flat)
    I spent 3-6 hours worth of time IN TOTAL. I did other things (like tending to the five cats in my built house)