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    So the two old Boilers are working again (except for the missing Textures) and the small Steam Turbines output 32 EU/t at 66.6% of the Steam->EU Rate which is 50% (resulting in 33.3%), meaning you need 3 Liters of Steam for 1 EU or 96 Steam/Tick for 32 EU/t and those Boilers are pretty darn slow meaning you need more Boilers than Turbines, effectively meaning "GO USE RAILCRAFT BOILERS INSTEAD!!!".

    Is it nessesary to allways supply the 96 Steam/Tick or can these small turbines run efficently with less? Like 15 Steam/t for 5 EU/t? Or will they stutter like the large steam turbines?

    I wait for multi block-generators to be re-/added. The huge and complicated machines are the most interesting part for me in GT. But i guess thats something for the last things to be added.

    Something like tiered assembling machines would also be cool. The higher the Tier, the more complicated, but the more efficient (material wise, not energy) they become.

    Also i like the new 4x and 5x ore processing in mekanism. At last in the way how complicated they become in the end. That somehow combined with GT would be nice.

    I like MPS upgradeable style of armor and variety of tools. It is waaaay more expensive than qsuit if you have gregtech recipes enabled. Also, MPS helps on low gravity environment.

    I also like MPS. With GT Items it is surly not cheap. As last tweak, on my last server we had the HV batteries disabled, so you had more often to recharge.

    The need to recraft would nicely fit into the new machine dissasembly.

    Another thing i would like: Higher tier circuits need special assambly machines like a multi block clean room. Or maybe that as the more efficient later game method. Still needs to be easily automated.

    Also: What happens when cables come in contact with water? Is there a difference between isolated and non-isolated cabels? Not that you can build water cooled 1 Amp cabels, that suddenly have no limit since the fire will allways put out from water.

    How about a fuse upgrade? When you want to be extra save, apply that upgrade and instead of the machine blowing up, you only lose a fuse that must be replaced.

    My only times blowing up stuff on my last server were missclicks. Once clicking that energy output button, another time placing a cable too much, bridging over a transformer...