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    Could it be that Cocoa has a special Plantingcondition, to be exactly three Blocks of Dirt under it. If you have any noncrossbreeded Cocoa, that has not three blocks of Dirt under it, then say it.

    I just checked. At elevation 66 with one dirt and air in the two blocks below it, I barely was able to plant cocoa, but not until I maxed out the fertilizer on the crop block. I dropped the air quality slightly and couldn't plant it anymore. As soon as I put another dirt block under the cocoa, it let me plant it. So yes, it is possible, but not easy.

    Look at the post Information About Crops. Information is being compiled there. You may have to do some digging to find exactly what you want.

    I believe Biome makes a huge difference. I have been growing things in both a forest and a swamp and have been getting different results. Crossbreeding seems faster and in more variety in swamps as opposed to forests, but the plants I grow in the forest almost always hybrid for better stats that my swampy counterparts.

    I have yet to run across problems with cocoa. So far everything I have grows when I put it close to water and in light level 15. I'm using Jack-o-lanterns to do this. I am also doing this in a swamp biome. I am quite convinced biome effects not only what plants can grow, but also stats of hybred plants.

    Name: Lazuul
    Tier: 11
    Short Description: It is a hybrid of melons and lapis lazuli. Seeds must be crafted with lapis lazuli and a melon seed. Grows like melons, but is slower.
    Appearance: Blue-ish melon vine with red melons. The inside of the melon is blue.
    Gain: Blue melon slices that can be eaten for the same effect as melon or used in an extractor to get lapis lazuli. Each melon produces 1-3 slices when broken.
    Attributes: Melon, Blue, Food.
    Special: Cannot produce its own seeds, they must be crafted as stated above.

    Name: Razorous
    Tier: 4
    Short Description: A small sharp plant that produces flint
    Appearance: A small shrub, hard and rigid look, sharp angles
    Gain: drops 2-4 flint when mined with a pickaxe
    Attributes: Sharp, black, painful
    Special: Damages any mob (including player) that touches it, much like cacti. Can be planted in long rows to act like a razor sharp fence.

    Name: Moltus
    Tier: 3
    Short Description: A big, fluffy plant. Drops feathers without being destroyed when you jump on it.
    Appearance: Looks like a big brown mushroom, but with a white top.
    Gain: Can be sheared for feathers or jumped on for a chance of dropping a feather.
    Attributes: White, Fluffy, Semi-durable
    Special: Drops feathers when jumped on

    While we talk about newb nuke questions, may I ask what a CASUC reactor is? I saw the huge discussion about one, but I don't get the theory/cooling system that classifies it as CASUC. What does that stand for? Also, if that one was a MK V, how does it run full cycles without exploding?

    Any reactor wit SUC attached to it's name means it uses Single Use Coolants. (ice or water buckets)
    As for the extra CA at the beginning, I believe it means it uses other mods to resupply the SUCs while operating. (such as buildcraft)
    If I'm wrong, someone please correct me.


    Cooldown of 430 secs after running for 6 secs but has 4,44 eff beat that. Produces 16,51 eu/tick on average. Uranium cells will last for almost 200 hours so there wont be a need to refuel i guess :).

    Efficiency wise this is far better, 5.0 efficiency.
    No cool down time either.


    Not much energy though if that's what you want.
    VERY expensive to make.
    Also very difficult to get it that hot to make the breeding work well, but if you don't have much uranium, this will work.

    My breeder I made and tested today. I believe it has at least 5 recharges per 2 cells, likely better.
    Mark V EC ( or so it says ) Neutral Breeder




    [s]set up completely first before putting lava in.
    can be safely run at 15000 to 16000 heat. (not 9000)


    [s]for the base of it I used
    O O O
    O O O O O O= obsidian
    O L C L O L= lava
    O L L L O C= bottom reactor chamber
    O O O


    [s]Less plating means less max heat
    DO NOT use any heat distributors, it runs much too hot!
    Meltdown can't happen until at least 16235 heat
    Any wiring you hook up to this will likely melt, this is for dedicated breeding only.
    It will recharge the cell before any components melt.
    Keep away from animals and small children, exposure can kill. 8)

    Never mind. Found out that it maxes out at over 9000. :thumbdown:[/s]