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    I found a rubber tree, stripped off the leaves for saplings and planted them in my tree farm. 2 hours later still no trees from the saplings. As a control I planted other normal trees which grew just fine, but no luck with rubber trees. Anyone else having no luck with cultivating rubber trees?

    I can't really see a need for this machine since Steve can do what the truck can do and more. You want mobility, grab a wrench, machine and battery and off you go. No need to pack a truck.

    Concrete could be very useful, I have a lot of building that be sped up with concrete like this. Also, using reinforced stone forms will make for a nice 3 layer thick wall for my fortress of solitude.

    Because I have nothing better to do, I'll post a translation of his idea and add to it in hopes of making it better understandable:

    The idea is additional uses for oil, and adding in natural gas to oil deposits. The idea is they occur in isolated pockets in the rock. Extraction of the gas should require a special tool or perhaps a machine for collecting the gas. The two ideas are a traditional drilling rig, like the miner with extractor pipe to get both oil and natural gas from the deposit and put them in a storage container. Oil would be in drums and natural gas in propane tanks. Natural Gas would be used as a fuel for generators and furnaces, either as a propane tank for fuel or possibly using a miner with 4 generators, like with geothermal. When burning for energy I think it should be about 10,000EU @5EU/s, and 2,500EU if set up like geothermal. Overall I think natural gas is more plentiful and for sure safer than geothermal.

    Oil on the other hand isn't so simple to use, before it can be useful it must be refined into different components. While it is truly versatile thing, not all the above listed ideas are necessary at this stage. Quite simply just refining to fuel oil and fertilizer would be sufficient to start. Fertilizer would act like bone meal and speedup growth of crops and trees. Fuel oil is just like is sounds, you burn it for energy or to fire a furnace. Energy wise I think 60,000EU @5EU/s would be fair.

    To facilitate the further uses of oil to cover asphalt, pesticides, gas, diesel, kerosene, naphtha, etc. I think each unit of oil when refined should turn into 4 "oil ingot" like uranium ore, and assembled like matter to create different products, in this case 2 ingots side by side is fuel oil and 2 arranged vertically is fertilizer. Other patterns can be added later as other products are available.

    Hows that sound for now, granted that it will change once we know more about oil.

    That actually sounds really cool, but might not be feasible. Teleporter malfunction that drops you way off course like 1,000 blocks away from where you were supposed to go might be interesting. Explore new lands and have to trek back to where you wanted to be.

    Nuclear Reactors are great and very useful, but the loss of one can be bothersome since it can happen at anytime, even when ideally stored. I was thinking that having an optional cooling method like adding a bucket of coolant (water mixed with redstone dust or maybe copper dust) or putting a bucket of water in an extractor to get some Heavy Water used in cooling nuclear reactors and regulation of the reaction. To balance the heavy water, each water bucket extracted would yield 1 piece of Coolant, which you combine 8 pieces to make a coolant rod that you can put the the upper slot when the reactor is running to make sure it doesn't explode. Each coolant rod lasts maybe 32 uranium ingots.

    Alternately make a cooling machine you can connect to the Nuclear Reactor that uses coolant to cool the reactor. Uses same coolant as above, but at a rate of 1 coolant rod for 64 uranium ingots, and can be used to cool up to 6 reactors at the cost of higher coolant use.

    Not sure how much is really needed or feasible, but thats my suggestion.