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    Ye pretty close, we got red real good at the center and the solar, and gold looks amazing except the walls xD Not to mention the creeper holes we didnt clean up :P Green base took it hard, but we got no damage on the walls excpet bot of the pic wall. Blue base was its hanger and center with im guessing 4, because obviously they needed to spread their nukes.
    The prob with these pics is they dont show the side, i want side pics T_T

    Dude, srsly, The duped iron boots was from last war when we got owned, reb base somehow brang it and lagged the whole server! I even told you so many times but you didnt even reply. And the helmets, they were also from the last war, i just kept them all. The fricken 4th chest from the tower when the war was on (The last one not the server one) it was all in there. I just took them idk why they duped but i kept them, i dont know how to dupe idk how to dude. I only had 6 in there as well, I kept the helmets since we knew that we would lose when he already killed 3 of our men and we had no armour. I dont even know how we got them, it was prob one of the people from the server before i was on who came back just for the war. I swear to god, i havent duped anything.

    My friend went on his brothers account and asked and all red said was Hacks, so if this is true, we didn't. What did we do to hack, we did everything 100% legit. We found where your base was, we knew where red base was already, we found your command center by digging straight down and found it (Green was a misshap, a dag 2 blocks down and found a mining pipe down).

    Now he says that its for inf health. For your information, tedd died right after he killed all the red ppl because the armour was all out. I was in green base command post trapped waiting for someone to rescue me because my health was at 3 hearts and my armour was fully drained, check the logs and see how long i was in there. Mark had no blocks to place because the whole thing was covered in lava so tedd came to rescue us, and he died but came back while i asked soul and narthok to come because tedd was cleaning up with red when he was suppose to come to green first. I swear to god we didnt have inf health because i was about to die, and i was waiting for tedd to come because i had 3 hearts.

    Narthok also says hes banned for duping armour for us, which is a lie because we got 3 stacks of 64 UU matter in just a night since the_fallen_angel stayed on over night producing it. he also went afk by it. and blue team already had 8 quantum suits, and i supplyed them with 36 diamonds to make it. They were making them since we lost the last war. in the end blue had 10 suits and tedd went to go get some, when he did narthok left the game for the rest of the night so we decided to produce our own, when he came back however we made enofe suits for our team+ 4 extra for blue.

    That is my proof, we didnt hack or anything. You must trust me 100%, and the Personal Safes thing was a joke, i knew u were going to take it down anyways, if not i would have left the whole place simple and easy to get into. No one on our team hacked, if anything, we had 5 ppl attacking a green player for 5 min and he never died right before we went to cap it a 3rd time.

    -Mrcooldude and team

    Check the logs, tedd died, i was in green command post for an hour. Legit.

    I also died right before we went to cap the green base a third time from height. Read the logs.
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    Tedd filmed the whole thing, i bet there is proof somewhere in that video that his armour went low, but havent talked to him yet.