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    Thanks, you guys are great! And thanks for all your help getting Optifine working on my 1.0 build this morning too!

    [EDIT: Quick Note: You guys have some errors on the items sprite sheet - the LapPack should be just to the right of the terraformer blueprints (10,7). Next to that (10,8 ) is where the Iridium Orce chunk should be. Where you have the LapPack (3,15) is actually the CF backpack. And next to the tin wire should be the splitter cable ( 8,12) and the detector cable ( 8,13).

    Actually that was my bad. :) We fixed it right after it was noticed. Thanks though! :)

    I've always been a "mix-and-match" kind of guy when it comes to Minecraft textures. I cobble together bits and pieces from packs I like for my own use, and my pack honestly iterates on almost a daily basis. I settled on 64x because to me, it's the best blend between detail and performance. 128x can look very nice but my computer isn't that new.

    So I learned everything about texture packs and Paint.NEt by doing it the hard way. I'm not an artist at all - hell, I'm so clumsy that if I pick up a pencil I'm more likely to draw blood than anything esle - but I have learned a few tricks for improving the textures I like and sometimes cobbling together others to suit the need (as I did with a couple of machines to match Warbaque's pack).

    Long story short, I found a lot of fun and satisfaction in customizing the pack I use to suit my style and my preferences, and I'd encourage others to learn the basics! This way, if you like this terrain tile, or that item, you can use them - and if you find a pack you like but want it at a lower resolution (or to upscale a pack to a higher one), it's not that hard!

    That's the spirit! And also the story of how I did start the RP2-Sphax-TP. "Help yourself!". Many people just don't get that one. I mean ... it's absolutely okay to ask if somebody else plans to do this or that. But if you got a "no" and are discouraged because of that ... man, you're lost. :) So stand up, get things done yourself and be happy.

    Do you mind of I take your quote for a signature?
    "I'm not an artist at all - hell, I'm so clumsy that if I pick up a pencil I'm more likely to draw blood than anything else [...]"

    I will warn you, though: If you reduce the size of the images, use "nearest neighbor" so they are not blurry. Also, overlay the transparency onto a colored backing sheet (like the purple default grid) so that you can erase the semi-transparent pixels you are bound to get from reducing the image. You can't easily see them on the sheet, but they are VERY noticable as white edges to the items in game.

    Yep! Good information! :)

    Though it's our fault as we didn't it like Sphax did. Neither ruyan nor me did it vector-style. Don't think Caden or the rest did it. So the lower-resolution pack might not be as intended due to the resizing.
    As most people use 128x and also Sphax recommends that size I for myself did it 128pixelish. Would the resonance be higher I may have used vectors. Most people just download and are never seen again.
    And without feedback I don't mind to do a vector version as I have to imply that 128x is okay for everyone. :P

    Bug report: I am using your IndustrialCraft, BuildCraft, and RedPower packs, and there is no item icon for the IndustrialCraft scrap box. Once crafted, it can be found in inventory only by its tooltip.

    Gonna have a talk with ruyanve. He's more into communications with the other modders than me. ;)
    Would love to have a review of all textures so that the add-ons won't bite each other in their styles. As soon as that comes up it's possible to edit the scrap box, too. I came upon that problematic myself (saw in TMI that the icon is missing and wasn't sure if it's not just a placeholder for the original function of the scrapbox as it "unpacks" the random item only).

    Hey there ruyan,
    I nearly finished RP2. Not just world and (I think) a nicer version of that brick-furnace. :P
    Who is the original author of your RP-addition? Might want to have a chat. :)
    Sphax (I think) just ignored my post on the MCF-thread.

    A picture of it at an early stage (corrected the little glitch on the redstone-bridge e.g.). Got to do machines and interfaces as well as world-items and am finished then.

    ruyan : Außerdem darfst sogar in deiner Muttersprache mit mir reden. :P