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    Hi, I'm tried to run gt1.10.2 but got a exeption:

    [15:34:33] [Client thread/ERROR] [FML/]: Caught exception from GregTech (gregtech)
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: ic2/core/item/ItemUpgradeModule$UpgradeType
    at java.lang.Class.forName0(Native Method) ~[?:1.8.0_91]

    only mods used:
    jei (tried without, no luck)
    Forge Mod Loader version

    can you advice me something on that?

    Can someone tell me how to get aluminium? Bauxite melts at 2800 but the resulting aluminium boils at 2792, so the instance you get it out of your bauxite it vanishes to beautiful aluminium nothingness :)

    To process bauxite you need to fill up the crucible with it, put hopper ontop, put ice cube into hopper, and set up some redstone contraption to shut off crucible when its temperature gets over 2799k.
    Doing so in the moment when bauxite evaporates ice will cool down crucible a bit and aluminium will not evaporate. Its a bit tricky and tediuos, envolving some trial end error. I`m using tantalum crucible and MV heater which also contribute to success (how much last energy packet will heat up bauxite mass over the 2800k). I hope someone will understand anything, taking in account my english..

    But it DOES output water from any of those Sides. Are you sure the output just doesn't go to the other Tank on the opposite side first?

    Here is another setup: empty tanks on all sides, engine pick one on the north, you can see water there and energy output is fine.
    When I take out the north tank - engine overheats, while there is empty tanks adjacent to sides.

    Did you relog? Also how did you do that? Just rightclicking with the Wrench?

    Reproducing it is a bit tricky and do involve reloggin
    1. It is necesarry to have a wooden power pipe 1 block above preheated boiler with steam, and no water output from north.
    2. I place engine on boiler and wrench it in the upper section of front side, so it can connect to the power pipe.
    3. Power pipe connects to the engine, but engine`s aligment stays the same, so power pipe connects to its water output side .
    4. Lastly, I relog and got that glitch. It stays that way with more relogging but returns to normal when engine status updates: when I put tank on the north side or it got overheated and "pssss".

    Just to clarify your Picture a bit more, your Problem is your BC Pipes going into that other Direction, right? Not that the Boiler and the Burning Box point that way. What I think the problem is, is that the Wooden BC Pipe needs to be Wrenched, if not then I would recommend a bug report at BC too, since I only use the RF Interfaces and nothing in GT cares about directions of wooden pipes, at least not according to my Code.

    Thanks for reply.

    Well, I found the problem: for me, engine output used steam only from the north side, if there is nothing to take water from that side engine overheaths and do not produce much energy (which is logical)
    I assumed that it output water from any of thouse little pipes on the sides..

    also, I guess I shoudn`t be able to do this with just a wrench:

    thou it looks like it just a visual

    It is not a good RF Engine, it is an Engine which outputs Energy in small bursts, so in 50% of the time it won't power anything RF related, since it is a pumping Engine and the Piston has to move backwards too.

    yep, I read the tooltip
    Thats why I build the rig in creative, everithing was fine
    Than I replicated in in my survival and i barely got red laser flahing once per 5 seconds, wtf?
    To be shure, i replicated everithing, even orientation to the west and it suddenly works fine

    But orientation should be irrelivant and everithing else is the same, again, wtf..
    for now its ok for me, setup working fine (until it`ll blow up like previous one) but why this one works fine and previous one not?

    edit: I guess this picture explains what i mean better than i do

    Hi all
    Can anyone point out what is wrong with this setup?

    GT engine overheats quickly and emits into lasers ocasional and weak energy pulses, while tungstensteel engine should be enough to power 3 lasers constantly.
    Also, water do not go from engine to the tank
    I did managed to make nearly the same setup (but with strong invar rather then tungstensteel) to work, it lasted for 6 stacks of coal before it sudenly blew up.

    anyway is t here anyway to automate sifter? nei says like it has eu input
    but i can't connect cable to it

    Obviously, nei entry was taken from gt5 sifter, which was an electric one.
    Probably sometning like thaumcraft "use golem" can automate it, but i doubt its possible with just gt and ic2.

    The Crucible neither has an Inventory nor a Tank, therefore both Sensors cannot work on them. And Comparators are broken as fuck.

    But it kind of have.. not literally or from technical side, but it can "store".
    Anyway, there should be a way to check how full crusible is. Fullness-O-Meter or Free-Space-O-Meter ? :)

    It seems Weight-O-Meters, Bucket-O-Meters and vanilla comparators are not working with GT crucible or i`m too dumb to set them right
    Is there any magical method to get how much stuff in crucible?

    edit: well.. if crucible is full Weight-O-Meter show weight of first excess item, definitely not what I expected from that kind of sensor

    Just to note: water from bucket has temperature not-the-same as environment. For my biom fully cooled crucible have 283K and it jumps to ~293K when I add water.
    Well, it could be because my hands carring bucket is too hot but you know..

    i'v tried to make a world with GT6 and PFAA:geologica but faced a problem:
    with gt worldgen ores enabled in cog world generation settings cog fails to modify world (vanilla stone etc),
    with gt ores disabled via cog world generation everithing is fine, but no ores in nether.