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    Im up for working together - i can provide teamviewer access to the server and such for the kirara admin.

    My only wish is that we start soon - people dont want to be waiting a long time for something to happen.

    I didnt start this to become admin - i started this to play with other players with the same interest and passion.

    If kirara admin is up for it so am i.

    We really want the server to be hardcore - as I said we need players like you to help us make it hard and good. Thanks for this input ill look into removing extrautils. We dont need it - it was mainly for drums but the portal and other items are op as you mention. About balancing scripts we use those we can find and that makes sense. If you have any ideas we would gladly listen.

    I agree splitting the player base is bad - very bad but sadly i dont trust that kirara will be running monday and stable - earlier there was radio silence for a long while and i want something that is totally fresh and fair for all. Also planning change about worldgen is not something i like much since it will be annnoing to wait on - and wait for how long?

    This server i know when will be online - if its down i know exactly why and when it will be up again - if something breaks i can help fix it and get us running again. The Kirara server is a big question mark for me - atm i dont even believe it will be running monday.

    If we could take a chat on ts or something like that and agree on combined forces on a fresh server that would be great - but im not sure thats what you and kirara want - we dont try to steal players - we just try to make a good and fun hardmore server for gt fans.

    The fact that kirara starts now when we announced our server and gotten some potential players seem "strange" and as i mention earlier i still dont belive its online, stable and playable from monday. I hope i will be proven wrong.

    And now, one day after you decide to make your own pack, Kirara KR gets sheduled to start on monday...

    Life is unfair. However we still gonna try and start this up.

    I know this server and connection is very good and hopefully we can bring a good, fun and stable server to our players.

    I respect that some want to play on kirara since its a old community with experience in running servers and i hope everything works out for that server aswell.

    If something doesnt work out or start gets delayed you're still welcome here - hope to see you :)

    How we will manage griefs:

    Server will be whitelist. Most players will be mature and patient players – I don’t think
    griefers will be a problem but if something happen we will reimburse lost
    items. If a big grief or base blowup we can roll back to latest backup. Backups
    are made every 2 hours. Using gregtech PlayerActivity.log we can see who did what and ban them and reimburse
    lost/stolen items.

    Premium or no premium:

    If I understand this correct it’s a premium – you need a paid minecraft
    account to play on the server. If by premium you mean that you can
    pay-to-win then its not premium. You cant pay irl money to get any items
    or advantages. Server is sponsored by me on my connection. There is no
    expenses theres not already paid - except power but im sure ill manage

    Don’t steal or grief
    Don’t build close to others unless you know each other or get permission
    Only mine with autominers in mining world

    Banned items:
    Currently only what mods ban by default. We disabled alternative dimension teleporter to avoid travel abuse but you can still build portal to mining world very simple.

    updated original post with current addon and settings - need feedback

    Still need to check all addons are newest version

    Aiming for launch this friday if you guys can find time to start - better get going while its hot :)

    Can put online at anytime and give op so you can test and look for mistakes or OP settings.

    Nice - i havent build the fusion reactor yet - using naquadah atm from mars :)

    Need to go into fusion to get larger batteries but we're mainly for playing on a new server with more people.

    Do you have any input about mods? When would you be interested in starting server up?

    We will distribute to all known contacts once we settle on start date and final modlist/settings.

    I think most players play like hardcore and then cooldown until theres something new or a new aspect that you want to try.

    Hello everyone

    Me and my friend are looking to host a new hardmode server based on Gregtech 5 unofficial and some other mods. I will list mods below. This is how we see it but would like more opinions and a server admin more to help run the server and keep our players happy. We are looking for dedicated players to contribute to an active and fun server. If possible we would like to start the server this weekend but we depend on you guys! Bring your dedication and help us make this server good.

    Reply to this thread if you are interested - when you can/want to start playing - which mods you agree or disagree in and so on. Thanks in advance.

    OS: Ubuntu server
    CPU: Inten i7 4th gen
    Ram: 16gb ddr3 2400 mhz
    Disk: 250gb samsung evo ssd

    Speed: 300/300 mbit fiber optics
    Location: Denmark

    Current mod list (version numbers and pack containing all will be made):

    Worldgen standard

    Update to mods: removed extrautils and added treecapacitor

    Settings atm:

    Oregen disabled in Railcraft, ic2, vanilla, forestry and galacticraft
    Disabled naquadah in end - only enabled on mars
    Created mining world with aroma dimensions - owerworld ore spawn settings
    Disabled <Aroma1997sDimension:dimensionChanger> for balancing and avoiding travel abuse
    Diabled <Aroma1997sDimension:portalFrame> (one portal for each player will be given)
    Changed forestry gamemode to hard

    Packs for MultiMC :
    Without ressource pack 56mb https://dl.dropboxusercontent.…893/

    Server ip:
    Whitelist: join Teamspeak pw: 4thewin for whitelist and/or chat
    Launch/reset: 06/11/2015 @ 15:00 cet ONLINE NOW


    Don’t steal or grief
    Don’t build close to others unless you know each other or get permission
    The usage of autominers is only allowed in the mining world.

    Banned items:

    Currently only what mods ban by default. We disabled alternative dimension teleporter to avoid travel abuse but you can still build portal to mining world very simple.
    portalFrank from alternatedimensions - each player will get portal spawned from admin.

    Further balance changes will be done "on the fly" if we find unbalanced stuff.

    What is status about a hardmore gregtech server?

    We are 2 players looking for hardmode - currently playing beyond reality pack but we dont mind something even harder.

    We play alot and want a community with other players - we can supply free server hosting on a 300/300 fiber connection with 100% dedicated hardware i7 4th gen 16 gb ram, ssd disk.

    What we need is stable players and community - is kirara starting up new stable server and if so when? Can we help with anything to speed it up or to make it better.

    Comments please :)