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    Scratch that. It seems this is a known bug with TiCo and unrelated to GT or any other mod. It's an exploitable bug that is easy too. Just right-click a tool (or anything, really, tools just work best for some reason) in a casting basin and put it in and out rapidly. It will eventually duplicate with surprising steadyness.

    The issue I am reporting ONLY happens when Gregtech is installed. I just spent 5 mins trying to replicate it without Gregtech installed and it didn't happen. As soon as I reinstall Gregtech, first time it dups.

    Before someone goes off on TiCo not being supported, I know this. This bug can only be reproduced with GregTech installed, so I am just bringing it to Greg's attention.

    If you put a TiCo tool into either a factorizaton Barrel, or a TiCo Casting Table, and then right-click it out, you get 1 that goes into your inventory, and a duplicate that goes onto the ground. This happened back in 1.7.2 as well, but as TiCo wasn't even supported in 1.7.2, I didn't report it. I thought it was fixed in 1.7.10. It was just brought to my attention again.

    Forge: 1207/1208
    GregTech: 5.04.04
    TiCo: 1.6.0d40.1

    I have a user that was doing some testing for me.

    He had 4 basic Steam Turbines going into the 32 eu Battery Buffer without issues. Do the battery buffers accept any amount of EU but only output what it says in the tooltip?

    I would expect that you should only be able to feed 32eu into a Battery Buffer that outputs 32eu.

    Is this a bug or am I just not understanding it correctly?


    This is my current setup:

    Basic Steam Turbine->LV Battery Buffer (4 Lithium batteries)->2 4xTin Cables-> Basic Thermal Centrifuge.

    a) Steam is not an issue. Using a Max size RC HP Boiler. Turbine never runs out of steam

    When I try and run the Thermal Centrifuge constantly (using Purified Malachite Ore), I am not able to keep up with its power demand. I even tried running 2 Basic Steam Turbines through a Transformer and still not able to keep up with power demand. I even tried removing the cables and directly connecting the Centrifuge to the Battery Buffer.

    I am guessing the Thermal Centrifuge uses a full 32EU but if there is power loss at each stage, even when coming out of a Battery Buffer, is there anyway to keep up with demand?

    Is there anyway to find out what the ore.mix.custom & ore.small.custom is the in the WorldGeneration.cfg?

    There are a couple of ores I need to disable/change from the default Greg config. One example is Cobalt. It is spawning in the overworld and I would just like to have it spawn in the nether.

    Ok never mind. That is just place holders I see.

    My question would be then were is the config for Cobalt ore. Can't seem to find any config for it in WorldGeneration.cfg


    Just to make sure I am not missing something, has rubber sheets not been implemented yet? I can't seem to find a recipe for it in NEI, but it is required to enter the electric age.

    I would guess you would need an extruder, but to make the extruder, let alone the power generators, you need the sheets. I can't seem to find a steam version either.