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    Got a bug report for Vajra's "accurate mode": if you use it on too many blocks too quickly, the server kicks you. Here's the error:

    I see an update is coming soon, so perhaps you've already done this (or something else entirely), but it would be nice if instead of activating flight mode and then also having to double-tap space to fly, there was no need to "activate" the suit before being able to fly; it seems silly to have such a function, that's just an extra step with no meaning but wastes energy. Alternatively, instead of double-tap to fly, you use the hotkey to enter/exit flight (or touch the ground to stop flying), and there is no "activated but not flying" mode (thus again not wasting energy doing nothing).

    From Greg's profile (emphasis mine):


    @Tekkit-Forum-Members: Lol, I found out, that you were decompiling my Code, to get it to work. I have nothing against that, but the Code is inside the Main File for a good reason, as you have to decompile it everytime I update. Muahahahaha!!! I dunno why you are not just installing all the Mods themselfes (copy from Tekkit into the regular .minecraft), as that is much easier, than decompiling.

    So stop trying to start drama you ... detestable people.

    And doesn't it seem like a decent person would bow to the wishes of the creator? It shouldn't take for a developer to force incompatibility and write a landmine into their code.

    Guess what? He never told them to take it out. Then, after Forestry had been in the pack for a long time, he wrote a malicious piece of code that broke some of the functionality of his mod with no indication as to why. Not only that, he didn't just break it for users of the Technic pack, but also users of the _launcher_, who download the mods themselves and use the launcher as a tool similar to MultiMC or Magic Launcher.

    Sengir is not the "decent person" here.

    In SMP, if one or more people are wearing quantum boots, and someone else with quantum boots equipped logs on near them, everyone's jump height becomes 3 instead of 12-15. If you move far enough away (prob. chunk unload distance) your jump height comes back. There is no error in console client or server side. It will sometimes (but not always) fix itself after a while.