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    As much as you have a good idea I think your posted it on the wrong mod forum. (I really hope it's not against the rules to mention other mods on this forum, if so I'm sorry please don't ban me). Railcraft already has steam engines, pistons would work well as a steam piston, it already has wireless receiver/transmitter so that could be a benefit of steam pistons is that they are a receiver inbuilt, also allow them to push up to 64 blocks at once, configurable push and pull up 2 blocks distance away and have a metal looking front so if you have a glass piston door it doesn't have that horrible green slime/wood look. All of which would make a great reason to not just use normal pistons.

    So yea, great idea, wrong mod.

    P.S: IndustrialCraft is undoubtedly the best mod in the entire world, Railcraft just happens to be a better fit for this idea.

    At which food level QHelmet feeds you?
    1. Would it be better if QHelmet feed Players only if food bar is completely empty?
    2. Would it be better if food level from which QHelmet start feeding be configurable?
    3. Would it be better if QHelmet feed Players by Canned Food if possible?

    Thanks for the question. Personally I'd want to start by reducing EU cost of feeding by between 80% to 90%, that would solve most of the issue there but it would be nice if the helmet then kept your hunger at 1 below full so you still regenerated your health, that way you could eat for social reasons ('here have a cookie' kind of thing). Your right to think that is OP but then again so are the leggings, boots and chest-plate, it's power stuff.

    Adding configurability to the level at which QHelmet starts feeding is a nice idea, mainly because I'm all for configuration so everyone gets what they want. If I had my way IC would build a massive XML file with just about every constant used that it reads in every-time it boots, possible performance issues though.

    Feeding by Canned Food would make eating harder then without the helmet, I don't know about you but by end game it's raining wheat, pork, beef and cocoa, who is going to spend 3 diamond, 56 UU matter plus everything else for a helmet that has some good and some bad points, you shouldn't have people weighting the odds between Nano and Quantum, one is the upgrade of the other. (Although down the track it would be nice to have multiple top level suits to choose from that isn't what we have now).

    Name: Add Configurable Quantum Helmet Feed Costs

    A lot of the time most people don't agree with my suggestions so I'm not asking that you change the EU feed cost for quantum only that you make the values configurable in IC2.cfg, that way server owners who like the default don't notice any change and server owners who don't like it (me) can change it.

    Why I don't like the high feed costs:
    (This is completely irrelevant as I only want it configurable I'm not asking everyone else to change)
    Late game I sprint everywhere, why? because I get used to the fast pace. I've generally got a ton of food so eating isn't a problem, but when I wear the Quantum helmet my stack of pork goes uneaten yet my helmet drains to nothing so quickly that it can't do any of the cool stuff I made the helmet for, personally I'd prefer the helmet to not do feeding with the current cost, that way I could actually use it for swimming and protecting.

    Recipe: No new recipe

    PS: After submitting this I might try mucking around in MCP and see if I can do it myself but I normally can't get forge mods to work, I'm pretty fail.


    Uranium Sticks: 8 Singles
    Efficiency: 3.5
    Chambers: 3
    Cost: 395 Copper, 31 Tin, 145 Iron, 36 Gold, 37 Rubber

    This is my new reactor design, it produces 140 EU/t which is enough to run a nice sized estate and have a good portion left over for UU Matter. If more power is needed I'd just reproduce more cores since this one is so cheap. I also restricted the design to no diamond since I've normally got other uses for my precious shineys. Whilst I have a bigger design that does use Quad and Dual cores ( Efficiency 4.67, Effective Efficiency 3.78 ) this design was meant to be cheap and still reach a respectable 3.5 efficiency.

    I'd REALLY appreciate any improvements people can suggest, whilst I'm happy with my design I'm sure it can be better. However, please read the below note before suggesting I add in reflectors/duals/quads.

    NOTE: When calculating a reactors efficiency I first deduct the EU requirement to reproduce the copper required to run each cycle from the total EU produced. This means any reactor with Dual/Quad/Reflectors often have efficiencies 20-30% lower than what they claim.

    Total Produced Power Reductions:
    Dual: 800,000 EU
    Quad: 4,000,000 EU
    Reflector: 1,200,000 EU (Excluding Coal Dust)
    Thick Reflector: 4,000,000 EU (Excluding Coal)

    1. Excellent Idea

    2. Well Balanced

    So many suggestions are people who want something to be easier for the sake of being easier. A good suggestion should focus on something that is hard because it is frustrating, not just hard because its supposed to be hard. Combining a miner and a pump and making people pay for an advanced machine and extra iron to build it and make it cost more power over all creates enough cost that people will stick with a normal miner until later on. I really want to phase out BuildCraft's Quarry, I didn't realise how OP it was but there is just no other option if you want to mass mine.

    As well as making miners less frustrating to move around (one machine rather than 2) your suggestion solves the problem I come up with when it comes to FrameShip mining.

    Miner has 6 sides:

    • (Bottom) for pipe to go down
    • (Side) For RP tube to pull/push drill (Raise/Lower Miner)
    • Frame to hold miner (All blocks must be adjacent to a frame)
    • Chest to collect items that are mined
    • IndustrialCraft cable to supply EU Power to the Miner
    • Pump to collect lava/water under Miner
    • (Top) To push Mining Pipe back into Miner

    .... Huston we have a problem.

    P.S: If people think the suggestion is still unbalanced just add more material or energy required.

    I hope you goys dont mind shameless self-promotion too much.
    I made a thread about this in the suggestion forum section. Intended to post that post here, but it grew way too big and too general.

    If people didn't shamelessly self promote what motivation would there be left in the world? I suppose there is always bacon but that is about it.

    Unfortunately I don't think there is enough people who agree with us. I like a lot of things about the new nuclear system but it's all for nothing when you realise every good design is a Mk I. Nuclear generators are just like expensive Geothermals that use uranium instead of lava. I almost wish you could configure the server to use the old system, this one flaw (Overclocked Vents) is enough to want to revert.

    You mean kind of like what Rawcode already did?

    My bad, I thought IC was covered by the same kind of copyright most others mods have. I kind of expected to have issues if I released a mod that was 99% IC code with a few changes of my own. Maybe I should look into IC and see if I want to create my own industrial craft type of mod, as much as I love IC I share many of the concerns the OP has.

    Richard Stallman has the answer, but the world doesn't like what he has to say.

    To me, this whole issue stems from people not having free access to the program they enjoy. If you don't like something fix it. If you can't fix it yourself pay someone else to fix it. Finding pitfalls in a developer's process is only a problem because the law says you have to rely on them and can't go and fix issues yourself.

    You're a smart one you are.
    Nice work on the calculations, you've actually convinced me to rethink the use of duals and quads (after the lifetime bug is fixed). So thanks.
    Favouring Mk II, II and V's is exactly what I want. Mk I's should only be for the overly cautious and unadventurous.

    So the premise of spending copper on increasing the output of the uranium has appeal (I *think* it's still a net gain, even with remaking the copper out of UU matter). However, if you've got ample uranium, then of course they would have far less appeal.

    I started out disagreeing with you, but after doing a bit of study I could possibly agree that when duel/quad lifecycles are fixed the copper required won't be too much. This doesn't go for reflectors though, those things just aren't worth the copper.

    I didn't see you disagree with my statement about suggesting that cooling components should be more efficent then cooling the core. I'm thinking now thats really the main point of what I want to change. If storing heat in coolant cells and slowly cooling them was better then just grabbing heat from the core, things would be more interesting.

    *** If there is already post about this can you link me? I can't find it discussed anywhere ***

    I can understand the downside to Overclocked Vents, but every design in the reactor design thread is just another combination of uranium and overclocked vents. About the only difference is whether you want to continually use copper (for dual and quads) and how many OC vents u have on u.

    There seems to be nearly no reason to design anything other then a MK I reactor, I much prefered the old way where Mk Is were for wimps, Mk IIs a good standard for power generation, and Mk Vs were for manly men using manly tools to show how manly they were.

    Am I completely off base here?

    Possible Solution:
    -Cooling core not as efficent (cooling the core should be less efficent then cooling specific components).
    -Any coolant cells allow exchangers to draw twice as much heat from them (since they're designed to store heat).
    -Add back in core heat coolant per additional chamber (Make it a small but helpful cooling which gives more reason to build bigger reactors, I'm sick of all the single core designs).

    P.S: No sane person uses reflectors in a realistic game, the copper cost is just rediculous, it doesn't make sense to waste 2 stacks of copper just to run a reactor once when you'd get the same amount of power to add maybe one or two uranium. So atleast double their lifespan or half their cost. Quad uranium suffers the same problem. Unless your spawning copper in it just doesn't make sense to use quads (This is mostly due to the quater lifespan but I'm still hoping that is a bug).

    I want teleporters to be a fun casual way to get around an epic base, not something that drains entire MFSU's in a couple of minutes of moving around.

    I know some people would still want it to be expensive, but that's why having it configurable is the best solution.

    Nice server, just joined. Excellent ping.

    But since you suggest people don't build around spawn it's like playing single player.
    Shame there isn't a bukkit build, need permissions so people don't have to live miles away from spawn.

    Anyway this server gets a thumbs up for performance from me, I hope to see people on.

    P.S. What's the address for mumble?

    P.P.S Interested in adding Railcraft? I've only just got into it and its an amazing addition to IC.

    Rebuilt with 268.
    Same error, it occurs after Loading screen when connecting to your server.
    Still works fine on other servers and on single player.

    Do you have any other modloader mods installed?

    This makes me think deleteing my username data on the server will hopefully fix.

    Is anyone else getting problems?

    I was already using 265, but I've tried multiple.

    Would you mind deleting my user information from the server? That'll make me start from scratch including location and items. Cause I've tried rebuilding and still getting the error so I think its just not happy with what I did on the server.

    I'm gonna try updating to 268, I'm really interested in getting this working.

    at rj.a(SourceFile:283)
    at of.k(SourceFile:178)
    at og.d(
    at auq.d(SourceFile:199)
    at jw.h_(
    at og.h_(
    at atg.h_(SourceFile:45)
    at up.a(
    at up.g(
    at up.h(
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.l(
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.J(
    at Source)