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    Plasma generators should be removed and replaced with plasma heat exchanges which take plasma and water as their input and output helium (less than total hydrogen used to make tritium and deuterium beacuse of infinite fuel exploits) and steam that can be used in a special reactor steam turbine that converts steam into eu in a ?:? ratio (I have no clue what ratio to use as this could be a big change). I also have some ideas for antimatter features. Antimatter should be made in particle accelerator which is a new multiblock structure that uses eu and any form of matter to make antimatter which is contained in a new electromagnetic cell. Antimatter can be used to create antimatter bombs that have a massive explosion that breaks bedrock (optional in the config) and leaves no dropped blocks. Antimatter can also be used to generate power (less than power used to create it) UU-Matter can be put in a particle accelerator with diamonds which turns it into dark matter that can be used as fuel in the dark matter generator (also used to burn antimatter). Because it uses diamonds dark matter produces more eu than what was used to make it. Only naturally found diamonds can be used in the particle accelerator.

    that's it :thumbup: