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    Ugh, not the RF, it is so boring.

    I knew that EU was broken for ages, but ditching it completely is just silly, now there are very few unique things in this mod to stand out.
    Also dropping liquid UU, seriously? That's just weird, talk about regressing.
    Having reactors are cool and all, but if you made everything so simple, and like any other tech mod, there wont be a point to IC2(unless someone wants to play with it's reactors, but other simpler reactor mods are now more popular, defeating that point too).
    Ku and Hu is cool mechanics, but they don't add that much unique spin, since number of theirs uses is so limited.

    Unless devs will decide on restoring former glory and expanding on features, rather then regressing we surely will see downfall and eventual RIP of IC2.

    I know that player is busy, but dropping EU is just such a bad idea guys RF is so simplified and boring, that I avoid using it everywhere, because I will be risking death by boredom.

    Will you add 3D models for all machines? The pipes, sifting table and the other "machines" with 3d models look great. Or will there be a way for other people to add them or help you with them. I know what most machines look like in real life and I know a bit about 3d modelling. I wouldn't mind helping with that if it would be possible/needed.

    No! Bad idea, with a scale most people use GT machinery, they rendered simply for a reason, and adding fancy rendering will slow down rendering of GT machines, which in turn will reduce number of comfortable machinery, which can be placed around player without causing graphical lag.
    Also if Greg would want to add 3d stuff I am sure he would handle it easier.

    Eogen ,
    I haven't checked stall report, but I will suggest to downgrade java to 1.7 and check if stalls happen, I had funny behaviour and many issues on 1.8 oracle java with modded minecraft.
    I can drop a stand alone Linux 1.7 Java copy for you if you need it.

    Most games with tech progression suffer from that problem, the way you work around it is make every achivement harder to get, but can get tedious if just shear grinding is involved.
    Adding super god level items, wouldn't make sense for GT, as it is grounded in reality(more or less), and god tier items would stand out to much.
    However GT does need something (In GT5) after fusion, but that can be balanced out with other mods, to which you can dedicate your time, so you don't get stuck on same thing and can do something else.

    Krysinski, there aren't easy way to migrate recipes across like that, since mods responsible usually have diffrent format for recipes.
    Though it is certanly possible to declare custom function in MT and use it to assist you with moving item one by one, but it isn't capable of reading recipes, it can only blindly add them or remove.

    4)I've spotted a book which contains text about programming syntax - does it mean that you plan to add some kind of programmable controller?

    Oh no Greg, don't you disappear too!
    Last time someone on this forum though of adding in game programmable controllers was Alblaka, and now he disappeared!
    Don't you succumb to Alblaka curse too!

    I would say it pretty much beta, new features make mod much more cohesive and make progression curve much better.
    Also utilizes more of minecraft features to achieve your goals, that's always nice.
    Having a reason to farm wool is always a good reason.

    Though few new machines still don't function, getting to level, which required to acquire them will take awhile.

    About making other mods harder.
    It is possible, but mods such as pneumaticcraft don't play nicely with anything, since it's isn't complementary mod, and functions in it's own little world, meaning having it, will only add functions it provides, but it won't nececarly compliment other mods, though drones could be useful.
    Rotarycraft have a weird balance for my tastes, but I haven't been following it for a while, so I cannot say that for sure now, never the less it doesn't add anything substantial to pack with GregTech, besides different ways of handling power for the same goals.
    Reactorcraft have no balance for my tastes, and realistic for the sake of realism, rather then playing nicely with other mods and functions.

    Never the less you can change balance and costs of all mods, if you would utilize MineTweaker, and addons for it to remove and readd recipes for your own liking, howerver changing recipes which, minetweaker cannot access to access is problematic or power balances may render efforts not worth it.

    Primary reason for people to remove mods like that when playing GregTech is simple, they not balanced against each other and GregTech, while simply being mostly unececary, as GregTech or other better mods provide.

    About water, when I play I enable finite water, and utilize a milliards of water tanks from railcraft, to generate water, while it is for all intended purposes infinite water, it is however requires extensive planning for placement and piping to make anything work, as single tank provides very little water and arrays of them necessary.
    Also I wish collecting rain water would be worth something, unfortunately if you character uses beds, it cancels rain most of a time.

    Not having health insurance does suck, thankfully where I live that's not an issue.
    Though about your money situation, that's a bit sad/disturbing that you cannot make your self concentrate on something so you can work on something consistently.
    Having your own ideas is great and all, but having priorities towards some cash inflow would be helpful to you.
    Perhaps try to find temp job in IT or at University?
    I my self work in research at uni, which I study at, and work is greatly varied and challenging at times, so I don't get board, I also get to use all lab equipment for my pet projects and lab storage as my locker, so that have big perks, pay ain't great, but it is there.
    Though I have no idea just how hard for you to find a job at Uni there in Germany, but here it wasn't that difficult, I just needed to get right contacts and offer my skills, and it was it.

    Since if you plan to make a game, it will be all in or lose it, since actual game development is expensive as fuck, since if you plan to make a game on your own or with a team, you will have to spend a lot of money, just because you need to eat and live somewhere, and if you have artist, he also needs to be paid reasonably, or otherwise he just won't be able to eat him self.

    I dabble my self in to game development, but however I won't go full time in to it, unless I already have a money making project in there, or enough of savings that, not working for a year won't affect me significantly.

    So Greg, if you plan to make a game, you also need to be able to make money, while we are your fans, our support is limited, you need to learn or find a way to make money so you can at least save enough or develop your game at same time.
    Kind of what Eloraam did, though I am pretty sure she had plenty of money saved up already.

    Good luck to you Greg, I hope you will find your self and your true calling, but don't forget about making money to stay alive in this society.