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    Ok is this going to be an addon or a grammar War? Like seriously, let him release the mod first and if there are errors, then complain. A pull-up is a pull-up, but it seems you guys are going to the end of the world with this.

    Sorry if i have bad grammer in the statements above! sheesh.

    At least you are using commas and periods. :P

    Check the changelog, Electric Storages dont react to Redstone anymore, but can be toggled to emit redstone if they're full.
    You can just use splitter cables to prevent storages from emitting energy now.

    I think I'm doing it wrong, none of my storages emits redstone signals when full. I have changed the config file from false to true and back again several times, but no redstone signal is being emited... what's the trick?

    I can confirm that Bat-pak does break when near depleted and receive damage.

    Another note, the energy of the pak depletes as if it were a nanosuit chestplate with every hit you receive, but if you go an place it inside a recharger, the damage bar magically recovers where it was meant to be without consuming energy.

    Update: I did a few experiments and learned that if you receive damage, the bat-pak will behave as a leather chestplate, and will break after reaching critical damage. But if you try to recharge it or use a energy consuming tool (i. e. the drill) it will recover to full charge (o whatever charge you have before the fight).

    In conclusion, fight using the chainsaw meanwhile this is fixed... :)

    Thunderdark : thanks for your reply, its nice to know the camouflage only supports vanilla blocks, and yes a GUI control for the new upgrades would be nice, even if they are just "on" and "off".

    Does it act like soulsand? Because that sounds like how soulsand works, except that I do not recall ever sinking slightly into forcefields from this mod.

    Yes exactly! sorry if I couldn't explain it better before. In fact you don't sink, or you don't notice it like when walking on soulsand at least, but it appears the FF blocks are a bit shorter than normal blocks, so if you're trying to enter to a 2 high x 1 wide entrance, it won't let you unless you jump a bit or place a block above the entrance.
    A video would explain it better, but since I'm a bit short of time I will post some images so you can recreate it.

    In the first setting you're unable to enter walking, in the second one you may enter normally:

    Great additions indeed! Just a few notes, not sure if all are bugs so:

    -The camouflage upgrade doesn't recognize some materials (such as redpower2's basalt), maybe those which use many damage indexes?
    -If you hit and "destroy" a camouflaged FF block, it returns to it original form until you turn off and on the projector again.
    -If you walk on a FF bridge that connects to a building with an entrance 2 blocks high, you can't unless you jump a bit first.
    -It would be nice if the zapper upgrade would have its own switch, so if I connect it to a projector it stays in the default state (no damage) and starts glowing red when an additional redstone pulse is applied, in that way I wouldn't have to remove the upgrade anytime I want to turn the zapper off, but not the field. Other way to approach it is like the directional extender does, adding an scale from 0 to 3, so if you set it to 0 it turns the damage off, 1 is low, 2 medium and 3 is high damage.

    Thanks for the update!

    Well done! I will list you a few corrections, the original translation at left, my correction at right in parentheses.

    Maquina Avanzada - (Máquina Avanzada)

    Electrolyzer - (Electrolizador)

    Generador Geotermal - (Generador Geotérmico)

    EMF - (Unidad EMF)

    UAMF - (Unidad AMF)

    Fábrica de Éter - (Materializador)

    Almacén Personal - (Cofre Personal)

    Teletransporte - (Teletransportador)

    Tesla Coil - (Turbina de Tesla)

    Mochila de CF - (Mochila de Poliuretano)

    Célula Biológica - (Biocelda)

    (Vacía) Lata de Combustible - (Lata de Combustible Vacía)

    Éter - (Materia)

    Mierda - (Chatarra)

    Caja de Mierda - (Caja de Chatarra)

    Esquema de Terraformer - Escalofriante - (Esquema de Terraformador - Enfriador)

    (Llena) Lata de Estaño - (Lata de Estaño Llena)

    Arbusto - (Grifo de Árbol)

    All the "cells" should be translated as "celdas" instead of "células", célula is most commonly applied to the cells in the body of living beings; all the terraformer blueprints should say "terraformador" instead of "terraformer"; and the only term (fairly translated to Castilian) that may cause confusion with other Spanish speakers in Latin America is "mierda" from "scrap", is better to use "chatarra", because in Spain "mierda" can apply to anything useless meanwhile in LA it means "shit".

    Also, you don't need to make several versions to fit the regional variations of the same language, if you use words with clear meanings, anyone who speaks Spanish will be able to understand them, for example, in Mexico we use the word "pila" more commonly than "bateria", but we all know what a "bateria" is.

    Just to note that the info on vanilla burnables is indeed in the IC2 wiki, just not in the Fuel Cans section (it would be wise to paste it there), it has always been in the Generator page. It would be great to add a "mod integration page" with info of EE, Forestry, Railcraft, etc and their data on EU generation.

    raa1337 wrote:

    I believe Uranium was removed because you could cause an infinite EU gain from it. Possibly solved by having it take 8 UU-Matter in the shape of a chest.

    Seriously? So he will remove the water, wind and solar generators too? 8 UU-Matter for 1 uranium seems a bit excessive to me, but fair enough for an "infinite EU gain" that doesn't lag my gameplay.

    Alblaka wrote:

    Fire, Ores, Tall grass=No, Haxblock

    You're right, didn't consider the possible enchantment exploit either.

    Alblaka wrote:

    Gravel: Why?
    Sand: Macerate cobble

    Because gravel is one of the two gravity-affected block, the only block that nether and overworld share, and the only source of flint.
    Why glass? just smelt sand...

    Alblaka wrote:

    flowers = use bonemeal with UUM'd bones

    There's no such bones, if they are planned, please ignore it. Also, it seems you skipped the missing items part. I don't care about the saddle, but everything else would be great!

    I love the concept of creating any natural item (aside from bedrock or food) from pure matter since the original IC. After checking the recipes using a recipe-book mod, I noticed many blocks and items were left out and I would like you to consider adding their recipes in the next updates.

    Blocks: gravel, sand*, fire, leaves, coal ore**, clay block**, diamond ore**, uranium ore**, ice***, tall grass, dandelion, rose, brown and red mushrooms, cactus, sugar cane, wool, vines, lily pad.

    Items: Leather, bone, string, enderpearl, slimeball, ink sak, cocoa beans+, saddle+.

    Those are items missing from beta 1.8.1, there are a few new in the 1.0 release, such as blaze rods, ghast tears, mycelium and end stone.

    Hope it may be considered, the mod is amazing!

    thanks in advance! :D


    *oddly enough, there is a glass recipe, while glass is a manufactured block from sand.

    ** there are recipes for the item form of those blocks, I think substituting them for the block form would make more sense as is the one that appear naturally in the world (and always drop the same amount of items). Don't remember if a saw the uranium recipe, I think its missing.

    ***There is a recipe for snow block and one for snowballs (a bit redundant), there's no recipe for ice, maybe exchange it for the snow block?

    + cocoa and saddle are rare dungeon items (pretty unuseful after all), but cocoa is the brown dye and it would be nice to have its recipe.

    yeah this have nothing to do with IC but it's still MC :thumbsup:

    so i just install other mod that included new ore / block, so i need to generate new world in order to have them in my world
    now the question is if i use same world Seed will it generate new block into that Seed too?

    Yes, if you use your same seed with a new generated world with a mod installed, some of the blocks will be replaced with the new ones. You don't need to create a new world though, if you explore new chunks of your old map, you will find the mod ores there.