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    I just had another idea!
    There could be naturally generated factory ruins! These ruins would be made of stone or cobble and have possible a macerator/generator/extractor/solar panel inside them (only one of the four) and maybe a few stray rubber cables. The factories could be possibly two rooms, with a smokestack on the top! These factories would be rare, kind of like strongholds, only except INDUSTRIAL! Of coarse if these were to be added into IC2, I wouldn't mind how they looked so much, I just think its some cool food for thought though.

    theGeneralrowboat :D

    I do like the idea of sending a satallite up (GPS?) to assist in mapping (build a GPS device similar to the EU Reader?) .. Or perhaps build a radar (for on ground placement) to aid in mapping out. Would be a nice replacement for the paper maps in the game, options of waypoints etc, though that might be going too far ..

    Yea I was thinking the same thing! You could maybe place a radar machine down that would need constant power but would give you a map of your world depending on where you launched your satellite ! :D

    I have a suggestion for a feature that could be added to IC2, a creatable and then launch able satellite! The satellite could possible provide mapping data for the player, like a picture of the current area around the player and such. Also, IC2 could add a new dimension, SPACE! You could build a rocket to launch a space station, and then yourself into space! Then, inside the space station, you could get energy from a the sun with a new type of solar panel possible. All these things would of coarse be very endgame items, the space rocket would require many parts like possibly two MFSUs and would need to be charged up before launched. I was thinking that the space station would start out as a single room that the player can only expand if they have a space suite (possibly a quantum suite)

    I think personally thing that this is an awesome idea, I love outer space!
    tell me what you think and give me suggestions on how a space dimension could work!