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    Hey Thunderdark,
    Awesome Mod. good to see so many different forcefields, pretty much one for any occasion!

    I watched Direwolfs Mod Spotlight and a few things popped up that i thought i might mention.

    i like all the upgrades, really adds to the functionality of the forcefields, Esp the Dome and the SubWater upgrades (i assume you can use both together), But (you knew this was coming) can there or will there be a tier 2 of the upgrades
    which you can insert into the machine rather than beside it (possibly some Buildcraft or Redpower 2 love?)

    the Block cutting Option in the area projecktor(Correct?) should destroy blocks not drop them, but if you want to have them drop, perhaps do what Equivalent Exchange does and drops them all in one place.

    all i can think of for now, now to download it and try it out!
    :Uranium Cell: :Uranium Cell: :Uranium Cell: :Uranium Cell: (Uranium Cells are the new Diamonds)

    hey guys. i have been poking around the forums looking for Recycler set ups, can you point me in the right direction, or to a youtube video? sorry for asking.
    Chur ?(