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    If I can't change the rate in which amber spawns, I don't think I'll be able to do what I want to do. Oh well.

    if you are using small ores you can, but idk what you exact ore gen config is. Did you enable B:ore.small.amber_true=true ?

    p.s. you can change small amber vein size -

    If GregTech is in fact generating Amber, I can't find any at all. How would I increase the rate in which amber spawns? (Ideally the rate would be on par with Thaumcraft's amber generation.)

    wait, did you add amber by youself? I dont know if that would work... And you can't modify rateness of ores - its generations is 3 chunks for new vein ( its makes grid of ores ).

    ... How the heck did that building even get bent?? Minecraft works in squares, and I don't even know what that shape is but I know it's not a square. Pixels don't bend!

    you can ... you can do that with shaders, and with bent iPhone screen too ! Or with Imagination

    GT doesnt remove ores from spawning, even if its in GTs config.

    But you can disable ore gen wia thaumcraft config ... why you just turn it off in TC4 config ?

    Question to greg, i dont care will greg answer or not:
    Why i cant create new threads in GT sub forum? How do i do bug reports, if subforum is closed?

    p.s. sub forum sad: everything GregTech related (Suggestions,Bug Reports,Discussions)

    Yeah how did you get the 20% efficiency figure? I have wanted to see math on the Large Boilers for a while, but haven't gotten to do it myself yet.

    i throwed 32 coal in both boiler and i placed portable tank. My problem was what big boilers has someting like temperature too, but its growths veeery slowly, a lot slower that high pressure steam boilers. That is why i had smaller efficienty.

    p.s. one more test, now with both 100% efficienty and temperature - almost 100% efficienty ( i think that is my problem, man factor)

    RC has very cheap and cheat way to generate inf. water. Btw, there is tooons of mods that generating water from nowhere.

    GregTech overwrites standard ore generation. That pattern is consistent across all ores generated by GregTech. In fact, 40 blocks of the same ore in one place is a little on the low side and you should explore that area more; veins containing several hundred blocks of ore are actually the norm.

    i know what GT changes ore gen, but there is just too many ores in one place. And i didnt know what he overrided lapiz gen, i only know overriding ores gen, not gems.

    Btw, there is redstone, coal, graphite, gold and lapiz vein together .... its a shiny cave!