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    Oh brilliant I will just use HashSets, why didn't I do that earlier! Oh right, BECAUSE THE FUCKING RECIPE LIST DOESN'T BELONG TO ME AND I CANNOT CHANGE THAT.

    I cannot change the way vanilla Crafting Recipes work, because they are property of, guess who, Mojang! And even then I would still need to iterate through the Recipes anyways, even with HashSets, since the matching conditions of Recipes are not always of the same kind.

    And due to the special matching conditions it is literally impossible to make working Hashcodes for Recipes.

    Hmm? Make you own class, that would be storage for NBT, item ID, and item metadata. And override in it equals to crafting recipie. Why not?

    HashSet operations are O(1), not O(log M), assuming a good hash function. So even better.

    Didnt know that ... I used only C++ sets. Yea, that would be even more faster.

    4 out of 6 minutes loading minecraft ... Greg , i think you would gues on what... REMOVING RECIPIES OF CORSE! Wait ~20 minutes more , 17 of them would be recipie removing ...

    Ok, 17 minutes was too much.
    600 second loading GregTech ( 10 minutes ), 500 is processOre.
    300 seconds is ... yes , you guessed right - removing ores. It could be 10 times faster , wich means 2 times faster GregTech loading time. I didnt watch at processOre , but i'm guessing its bad too. But even changing removeRecipie to N log M would speed up things a lot. Beacos log(65K) = 16. So , that would be 65k / 16 times faster, and that is 4K... Idk is my math alright , but ... really , N log M would be a loooot faster.

    The Problem with that Function is that it CANNOT be made faster. It MUST iterate over all Recipes, no matter what.

    Problem what its searching for exact recipie , but it could just search for output... that would be a lot faster , trust me. If you removing 1K recipies that would be a lot faster. (btw, it currently is X * N * M , where N is count of recipies , M is count of removing recipies. But you could make it even N * log M , wich would be even faster that just search for output. Search for output would be N * M. )

    for N log M you would use HashSet. Oh btw, wait a litle bit - i'm relaunching my MC instance with profiller - you would undestend what i mean with a lot faster startup.

    If you can make it faster, then by all means write the function better and send it to Greg so he can fix things. If you don't know how to make it faster then don't tell Greg to make it faster.

    Greg searches for exact recipie , and that is cind of problem if you are running big mod packs. A lot better would be search by result, and not removing them - but actually modify them. But even search by result, not by exact recipie would be a lot better.

    Let me say that again , you removeRecipie function can be done better ... It could be a lot faster. Idk, maybe that is bug in ExtraBees , but it takes 4 minutes just to iterrate thorught their recipies ... Greg , if you can , just change how RemoveRecipie function works , it could be a looooot faster, i think 5 minutes faster loading time.

    Btw , that log flood is still here ...

    p.s.s.s. You remove recipie function ... heh .... it could be better... It could be a looot better that you are having currently.
    5.06.05 does work. Obviously, there's a conflict. So something you did, was wrong. As for the rest.. why not try the latest version of Gregtech? Judging a mod by a very, very outdated version makes you look dumb. Since v5 there have been a rather large number of optimizations to improve performance.

    ... 5.06.05 is latest GT version , isnt it?

    Its latest aviliable on this thread ( downloaded from OP ). I'm running DW20 modpack with gregtech ( i'm so lazy to update my own ... ).

    Greg , can you remove that flood to logs , please?

    There is 10mb of that flood...

    p.s. using latest gregtech 5.06.05 , it does work... cindof ... beside that flood ...

    p.s.s. -XX:+UseParNewGC -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+CICompilerCountPerCPU -XX:+TieredCompilation seems to help a lot with loading GregTech. Its 3 - 4 minutes faster loading on I7 4770k. (Its FTB launcher's "Use optimization arguments for faster loading"). I will try them on 1.6.4 public server , will see how it would speed up mod pack loading time ...

    p.s.s.s. You remove recipie function ... heh .... it could be better... It could be a looot better that you are having currently.

    TechoMan : For approximately 1 year now, GT and TiC have been considered incompatible due to a mutual decision between the developers to make them that way. (There is a long story and about 17 flame wars to this.) As such, we cannot predict the stability of any Minecraft instance that contains both mods, and the first step in debugging anything is pruning away the unknowns until we find a definite cause. Although TiC or Mantle may not be the root cause of the issue, they may be involved or they may be obscuring the actual issue; we don't know and we really can't know. So we prefer to err on the side of what we actually know, and prefer to attempt to find and debug problems without having deliberately incompatible mods present in the environment.

    I know that , but it seems to be stable right now. It doesnt cause crash errors , soo they can run together. GregTech seems to have recipies at their place , and its working normaly. No errors from TiCon , and no from gregtech. Maybe i didnt find them , but if there would be - i will just delete TiCon. Right now its working , so why not?

    Greg , add very big big big big big YOU NEED XXX IC2 FOR 1.7.10 , beacos evryone has same error. Oh btw , if you log stopped at "Unknown thingy" READ ABOVE IT, THERE IS BIG BIG WARNING "YOU DIDNT WAIT LONG ENOUGHT" .... but no one reads it , why ? Greg , why no one can read?

    Remove Mantle Also.

    TiConscruct works perfect with gregtech. Dont blame TiCon , beacos i'm playing with it.

    How to kill evryone , even in quantiun armor:
    1. Make poison potion
    2. Upgrade it to poison 2
    3. throw it
    4. Wait 10 seconds
    5. Pickup loot
    6. .....
    7. PROFIT!
    ( btw , that isnt gregs thing. That is IC2 , radiation from IC2. For my server i made small mod that changes radiation effect. Evryone loves that change :D )

    Is the multiblock built properly? The top has to be open, and it sounds like yours might not be.

    One more ... READ MY MESSAGE , where i sad what it doesnt take crushed iron ore as iron dust...

    About pump: we need pump for eating all the nether! It was very good source of energy... was .... Good bye my nether gold silver copper tin etc farm :C