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    Yes, it's changed. The 1.7 BBF (Bronze Blast Furnace) isn't simply a bronze age version of the 1.6 EBF (Electric Blast Furnace). Putting lava inside in it will make the lava disappear, because lava blocks (not sources) are spawned inside it while it's working. Maybe you put the coal into the iron slot and vice versa, because, unlike in the EBF, in the BBF the order of placed item is really important.

    I was playing with bronze age in 1.6.4 ..... Bronze age - "old" feature of gregtech. I did coal and coal dust, both in lower and upper slots. And nothing ... I tryed lava beacos just coal + iron didnt work

    How does Bronze blast furnace work? I build it as 3 x 3 x 4 empty inside cube, but it dosent work. I tried both coal , and coal dust. Oh , and i tryed to place lava inside - lava just vanished from there ... very strange , or did greg change how bronze blast furnace works?

    Railways are for transportation, what about stocking?

    PS: Are RC tunnel bores considered OP for GT balance?

    Nope , beacos they need steel + fuel. If you using Gregs way to get steel - they wont be that much OP. Oh btw , using AE2 for storage isnt OP too.

    RC Tunnel bores are not OP. Maintenance in the form of fuel, track, water, drilling heads, and gravel are enough of an engineering challenge to be in line with my interpretation of the spirit of GT.

    nether tunels ? Why not ? They dont have any gravel in their path :P

    SpwnX , that is kind of what i wanted ;)

    Not Gregs problem. Spawning in air - means what other mod replaces stone and other soft materials on generation. I'm using dungeon mod too , and its works alright. No ore spawning in air. And vanilla dungeon is alright too ( found it when was mining copper ) , and there is no floating ores in it.
    And i found 2*2*2 diamond mine that was in center of copper mine (yes , i'm so lucky there). It was center of that copper mine , so ... That is really or other mods problem , or someting else. And gregtech has almost all ores - you should disable ore generation in all other mods!

    Have you heard about our lord and saviour Portable Cell ? I think that's what SpwnX meant with your bag needs.

    GT e-net > AE2 Energy Acceptor works in 1.7.2.

    I know about portable cell. Buts is small , gregtechs has just toons of ores in one mine. I'm having full double chest of copper , and that isnt end of mine. And not evryone plays with AE2

    I'm playing 1.7.10 , soo lets hope what it would work.

    Slowness 2 for only 9 more slots? I think that would be okeish...

    Bag: If you are not using Applied Energistics 2 yet, i really do recommend getting it, it has what you need for your bag needs and greatly helps GT automation.

    The inventory in inventory thing is present on vanilla though, as in the enderchest (you can safely pick it with a GT wrench, btw).

    AE2 in mine? Yea, that is good point. About enderchest: i cant find any enderman at all. Good what i'm having all ores under my house... And silk touch pickaxe can pickup enderchets too :P
    I'm having only one late game mining idea... using AE2 stuff as portable chest , but that is soo stupid.

    Oh , btw , i'm about late game bags. So someting like flying machines that needs tons of power - would be alright. I'm speaking about very very late game bugs , beacos even miner would be nightmare for mining.

    And about AE2, does it directly supporting gregtech? Or do i need GregTech > IC2 transformer?

    Greg , we need bags! We need to hold all that ore that you have! Plz , make bags! (bags , not bugs) I can pay anything for making them , even 9 blocks of diamond to craft them ... Really ,greg , too many ores and none methods of holding them.

    p.s. even slowness 2 will be alright. Bags heavy , so slowness 2 will be alright :P
    p.s.s. and there is soo many tools in GT and other mods... But for tools we having toolbox from IC2. But what about that big big count of ores?!

    Узбагойся, есичо пиши по русски. Я на связи. Думаю, русский ты точно должен понимать лучше английского?

    Да мне как то пофиг) Мне плевать на таких о великих англичанин. А вообще , это дело было поздно ночью , когда я любой язык плохо знаю. Таже тот который у меня во рту ... А баг с кроватью и блоками - там есть и другие применения , если я не ошибаюсь.
    Если чо , русский когда не спал ~16 часов знаю так же как английский :D

    Then try learning english a bit more. I don't want to be rude either, but barely understandable sentences are not going to help.

    I'm trying.

    What language do you speak? A few (a lot, actually) people here are bilingual and maybe trilingual (puts me to shame, lol).

    I'm from Ukranian. And i know englesh a litle bit , but not that much. I'm more math / programing man. I cant learn languages , that is hard to me.

    Sounds like you can spawn in Gregtech blocks if you sleep in a bed near them. I think.

    Right. Any gregtech blocks same as air , for bed spawning. I did test that only with boiler , didnt try ores / other machines. Running MC 1.7.10

    There are other mods for that. What we need is quantum storage and fusion reactors. The 8 million nether rack is really messing up with the storage on my E-net. Seriously the way I play it's a definite. It uses so much space to have that much of a stone. Also as an added note the lack of the tanks prevent me from storing liquids, I like my bases compact, in fact with only the size of a single chunk, so it keeps loaded.

    use AE2 , use JABBA , use lava , use Minefactory reloaded storage. There is a lot of other big storages ;)

    oh btw , gregy greg: in newest IC2 version GT_ModHandler.getIC2Item("UuMatterCell", 1L) returns null :P
    Line 64 , post load ItemAndFluid