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    There's a short guide on the wiki :)

    lol glad that was the first page I made, definitely has been asked to many times :)

    New version! Nuclear Control 2.0.5a-Unicorn (because that's what happens when I'm dev!).
    This version fixes many bugs, reimplements the lamp (for the last hopefully!). This version also introduces capes for us devs (which is only me right now, because the cape's blank. Sorry Z!) thanks to Jadar. More information here .

    Normal Download

    Plenty of stuff still todo though.

    May I ask if your capes work? I've been working with Jadar trying to find out why the capes wont work for me in my mod.

    I apologize for the frequent downtime lately. We are hoping for this to change (as well as a few other... things) within the next couple of weeks.

    Hey no problem, just a heads up im gonna be adding a lot of pages over the next few days, was gonna add the item infobox that the official minecraft wiki uses then realised FTB had its own so added two pages for that then stopped but once i start adding all these pages for Nuclear Control I dont want to be banned for massive amounts of new pages im gonna create :). I use the same username there as here

    If somebody did wiki work too, that'd be great too :P

    I would, but eh...

    I will try and do some work on the wiki for you
    EDIT: Wiki appears to be down 504 error :(
    EDIT2: Wiki is back up will get to work!!!

    About the mod. We have more than 1000 downloads but we have 0 posts with the bugs. At least one item is not working at all and nobody noticed that.
    I think it is the worst thing in modding. People want to have/use your mod but nobody wants to test it...

    I am also willing to test the mod, send me a pm!

    I'll try to reproduce you error. Because I've added a lot of sounds and I don't have any error.
    Another variant is - I can add your sounds as default to mod file.

    Maybe i made a mistake somewhere but im pretty sure i got it all correct. (I will attach the jar) what happens is i add the sound and when i pull out the alarm no sounds (not even sci-fi or default) are in the list of alarms and if you try to click the arrows or the selection area you crash.

    EDIT: I was stupid had a extra coma laying around in the sounds.json All fixed

    Attached is the ic2nc.jar with the added sounds

    To add new sound you need to unzip mod file, copy your sound file (in alarm-***.ogg format) to assets\nuclearcontrol\sounds\ folder and update file sounds.json with a new line:
    "alarm-***": {"category": "master","sounds": [{"name": "alarm-***","stream": false}]},
    Also you need to add this file to mod config (config\IC2NuclearControl.cfg):

    You can zip folder into file again or use it as is (.minecraft\mods\ic2nc-1.7.2-\

    If it's not usefull I can try to add custom folder in config or mods folder.

    Will this work for servers too?

    That's 1.7.2 though, and IC2's 1.7.10 for nearly 50 builds

    A lot of mods are still 1.7.2 when my entire list updates ill update to 1.7.10 but 1.7.2 was considered a major build much like 1.6.4 while updates like 1.7.3 and so on were tiny builds they may still be willing to see if they can fix it. till its fixed Nuclear Control is almost usless because i cant do much of anything

    I've reproduced it on cauldron-1.7.2-1.1147.04.107-server.jar with only two mods industrialcraft-2-2.1.484-experimental.jar and ic2nc-1.7.2-
    I think that the problem is in the code. Give me time to investigate the problem because I've never tested on server before and thanks for this bug.

    Glad to help and looking forward to the fix :)