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    Sun Block

    Lights an area of 10-20-50 blocks radius the same light intensity of the sun,by the ages it fades down as a normal light.

    The more power pump into it more larger area of light.

    example: connect whit a shingle wire from a nuclear generator:

    :Reactor: :Cable: [ ] - SUNBLOCK gives max of 50 blocks radius of light.

    (ofcoars it depends of the number of :Uranium Cell: in the generator )


    G G G

    G :Copper Ingot: :Copper Ingot:
    G G G
    = HV light bulb[like the luminator]

    L L L
    :Refined Iron: :Advanced Machine: :MFS-Unit:
    L L L

    G = glowstone dust

    L = HV light bulb

    PS: Don't be near the :Nuke TNT: if it flashes and it kas a ledstonetorch by it.

    Invisibility suit!! :thumbup:

    It protects you from mobs [don't even attack] and makes you invisible from players in SMP.

    Invisible cloth

    for crafting the invisibility suit!

    made whit glass fibers that connect light

    Half transparent glass

    when placed from one side has a texture of a block[if possible mirror effect] an the other five glass texture.

    used in the invisibility suit recipe for the helmet.

    recipe of the half transparent glass:




    F=glass fiber R=reinforced glass

    How it works:

    replaces the chair [ MinecraftChar.png? images wcf http:>.png" wcf_src= images wcf http:>.png" wcf_src=" wcf_src=>.png>.png> ]texture whit an empty/no texture in the server

    Useful: [my opinion]

    1 :Quantum-Helmet: :Quantum-Bodyarmor: :Quantum-Leggings: :Quantum-Boots:

    2 :Nano-Helmet: :Nano-Bodyarmor: :Nano-Leggings: :Nano-Boots:

    3 The Invisibility suit!! [or 2nd if it has the same strength,not specials]

    4 :Composite Armor:

    5 :Bronze Chestplate: :Bronze Helmet: :Bronze Leggings: :Bronze Boots:

    Adding sam way of graund transport.Personal transport [exsample:solar powerd car and a fast :Fuel: powerd car more speed whit :Superfuel: ] to get you fraom point A to point B,and for multi a way to transport amny people [bus],for transporting gods trucks [for ores/blocks big dompers;items/food a normal truck] of coars they need someting to travle on asphalt maybee.