[Suggestion] Sunshine

  • Sun Block

    Lights an area of 10-20-50 blocks radius the same light intensity of the sun,by the ages it fades down as a normal light.

    The more power pump into it more larger area of light.

    example: connect whit a shingle wire from a nuclear generator:

    :Reactor: :Cable: [ ] - SUNBLOCK gives max of 50 blocks radius of light.

    (ofcoars it depends of the number of :Uranium Cell: in the generator )


    G G G

    G :Copper Ingot: :Copper Ingot:
    G G G
    = HV light bulb[like the luminator]

    L L L
    :Refined Iron: :Advanced Machine: :MFS-Unit:
    L L L

    G = glowstone dust

    L = HV light bulb

    PS: Don't be near the :Nuke TNT: if it flashes and it kas a ledstonetorch by it.

    • Official Post

    Per se i would dare to say "impossible".
    One could probably code a hook into the light calculation and edit the lightmaps, but that's something extremely complex i don't exactly see a point to look into.

    Grab a stack of luminators instead.