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    generally if you use the reactor planner it just gives you the base mark classification which doesn't make sense on a casuc my proposal is to add a secondary mark system based on ice/buckets per second which would go like mk 2 -3C for a 3 ice per second casuc or like mk 2-4W for a 4 water per second system

    anyone agree?

    I think you'll find that the /energy/ and /time/ portions of my calculations cannot be reduced. As far as the efficiency that was based on looking at the maximum possible power production and then seeing what level of ice would be required to cool it; though I did /roughly/ calculate the numbers I greatly doubt you'll get less than a 20% hit to efficiency, AND you'll still be using all of those resources to produce the cooling ice.

    you are right i just ran the numbers on my plans for the ice king (my next project) and it does stay a 24% loss almost exactly i was just about to cross out what i had said earlier when i noticed you posted =P however i have found that i can make a HUGE 5 chamber system whose cooling system is only 7x14x20 in dimensions and pumps out 1510 eu/t the one thing that ice systems do give you is the ability to make massive output from a single core although the construction costs are absurd =P

    let it be known though that absurdity never kept me from doing something

    yes this was designed for version 1.337

    and if you had read you would know that the whole point of making this was because no one else on my server had

    another minor point of this was to show that ice is still very underpowered as a cooling device

    also ive been doing some math on it myself 25% loss is on a low level ice casuc the percent loss actually gets lower the higher your efficiency rating is my current one is about 23% but my expanded design if i ever make it should only have about a 20% loss

    also i would like to note that i have since posting this cut 1/6 of the compressors out from a trick i found by hooking up 3 snowball compressors to 2 ice compressors i also shrunk the space needed by scrunching all the machines together the finished on server design should be much smaller than this one

    so i play on industrial rage and like playing around with redpower

    now all the other redpower savvy guys have designed their own CASUCs so i desided that i needed to make my own

    since everyone was doing buckets i figured WTF not ill make mine use ice and as such here is the result


    this design is very impractical seeing as about 24% of your power is lost to cooling however this percentage goes down the higher your efficiency gets (but that means more coolers T_T)

    this was built on single player but i have mined the resources and am soon to be under construction of this on industrial rage


    Please define "autorefill".
    As well, did you use a FULLY empty'd (or filled) Batpack for crafting the lappack?

    I will not increase the CFs count to match building of a random structure x

    Luminators cannot be turned off with redstone. Don't see a bug there.

    the auto refill bug is the same one that we have in 1.23 with Q helmets and batpacks where an empty one will become fully charged upon taking damage

    that was not a random structure its the optimal way of using scaffolding to construct a roof -_-

    using redstone as an off switch would be a nice feature to add =D

    Solars are completely borked

    lappacks and cf packs auto refill also lappacks can not be crafted only spawned

    you need to increase the cf per use to 14 attached image for reasoning
    to clarify what happened here is using reinforced scaffolding this is how big of a platform you can make the problem is the way the sprayer places leaves you with two empty blocks. if they put out 14 instead it should fix the problem

    you can not turn off a luminator with redstone

    eu splitter does not evenly split eu

    iridium plates are not craftable

    thats what me and some guys on IR have found so far