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    Since we now have a lovely mixture of alcohols, why not improve upon this by adding more.

    1. Add grapes (and maybe barley)
    2. Add a distillery
    3. By boiling "soup" beer that has already been fermented as much as possible, you should get whiskey, distilling for long periods of time gets stronger alcohol to the point it might become a viable fuel. Distilling wine makes brandy but distill it for too long, and it just tastes nasty (nausea and blindness).
    4. Add wine, whiskey, brandy, and maybe cider and calva (like they have in Milenaire)
    5. Unrelated but let a macerator turn cobblestone into gravel and add a sifter that can sort items and turn gravel into sand and flint

    If cider is done, then unfermented drink of cider and water would be non alcoholic and restore hunger and/or hearts and stronger alcoholic cider could be able to be distilled into Calva. That is what they do in Millénaire.

    I would assume that bronze tools and armor should have enchantment similar to iron. I certainly hope so.


    • Enchanting, Potions and all that "magic" crap.
    • Endermen, Ender Dragons, The ender.
    • Strongholds... (In general)
    • Ghasts, Zombies, Zombie Pigmen, Skeletons and all those other mobs. I'd much prefer bandits, thieves, thugs and other more down to earth enemies.
    • The number of useless blocks introduced such as water lilies, dragon eggs, Enchantment table, Large Mushrooms (including the biome, but the Mycelium block does make sense somewhat) and so on...
    • Strange creatures like the Mooshroom...
    • The nether... (Why... Just why? Most mod makers include a nether resource just to force me to go there to get lightstone dust and that is the ONLY reason i go to the nether... Ever!

    I hate to break it to you but I must rebute this.
    1. Enchanting and Potions were implemented mostly by Jeb_
    2. I agree with the Ender though Endermen were a response by a Reddit request. Endermen are here because of Notch listening to the community.
    3. I agree that strongholds are annoying. I find strongholds, NPC villages, abandoned mineshafts, and ravines so annoying that I turn off generated structures half the time.
    4. Zombies and skeletons were in Minecraft before Alpha. They were in Survival Test. Either you are new, ignorant, or trolling.
    5. The new blocks were added because of requests at Reddit or GetSatisfaction or because of preexisting mods.
    6. I agree that strange creatures like the Mooshroom should not be in the game.
    7. I disagree. The Nether is an important part that was in since the earliest parts of Beta. Furthermore, there is a non-renewable way of making lightstone dust in IndustrialCraft.
    8. Your post just does not QED and comes across as indeed derailing the thread, maybe even borderline trolling.

    I have a great idea! A new recipe could be a minecart+a personal safe becoming a personal storage minecart. It has double the capacity of a vanilla storage minecart, clicked to open like a storage minecart, and secure like a personal safe (optional), and most importantly, has the same momentum as an occupied minecart (vanilla minecarts have the same momentum as an empty minecarts even though chests weigh more than chickens). If it is impossible to make them secure, that is fine though they should still have the same momentum as an occupied minecart. If it is neither possible to secure them or give them realistic momentum, then tell me so I would know it would be useless.

    Someone did make a bucket filler. The way it worked, you could reuse 10 buckets and they would cycle through without having to worry about wasting tin.

    The main reason I upgraded to the full release was to get snow.

    I think that Eloramm would be much better off working with Alblaka than reinventing the wheel and working against him. She has not treaded *too* much into IC2 territory but if she wants all the IC2 functionality, it would be much easier to have IC2 or for Alblaka to work with her to make IC2 a standalone expansion of RedPower. Granted, I have yet to use RedPower and I far prefer IC2 (though I was only able to get it to work for a week until I decided to update my version, I used IC daily until 1.7 of MC).

    I have an idea where one can make extra marble if one cannot find it naturally occurring using RedPower to make some of your own by compressing sandstone. Everyone knows that sand deposits eventually turn to sandstone under pressure and sandstone is turned into marble under great pressure and heat. I like using RedPower to enhance IndustrialCraft, just like a lot of other people here.

    OK, this is several pages long and I only read the first and last pages but I have something to say:
    1. Notch stepped down so it is mostly Jeb's game so he is the one you should talk to or about.
    2. Enchantments do not make much sense for technology (especially if you use a common trope where magic and technology can exist separate but short each other out when in close proximity) but making bronze tools and armor equivalent to iron for enchantability makes sense. Having an upgrading machine or computer that requires EU to run and XP to upgrade would make more sense but still the industrial tools are so good already, they would become overpowered (upgraded mining laser has 100% drop, upgraded diamond mining drill is faster and uses less power, chainsaw cuts down entire tree).
    3. I think that Eloraam, you (Alblaka), Space Toad, and Flower Child make the best mods when it comes to tools, resources, and functionality and Kinnekin makes much better villages than the Testificates made by Jeb.
    4. Now that we have the full release, the wiki says that different material uses different enchantbility levels. If you set the technological enchantability levels to 0, the modified enchantment level would be 1. An enchantment table surrounded by the maximum amount of bookshelves would not be able to enchant things to even level 10.
    5. Personally, I am extremely glad that Notch has stepped down. His newer ideas were poorly implemented (wolves being the one Flower Child hates the most).
    6. If one disables generating structures, they will have a map devoid of abandoned mineshafts, ravines, NPC villages, strongholds, nether fortresses, and the like so if IndustrialCraft gets bugs from any of these, then IndustrialCraft should have structures disabled as the default option of terrain generation and a warning when enabled.