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    The space lander is intended to spawn once you select the moon, and it'll contain the items you placed in your rocket as well as your rocket and the remaining fuel that's why I said there was no waste back on irc)

    Mistyped in the original post, there was no space lander after I was able to log to server so neither rocket for me with it contents nor way to get back to overworld.

    We (Zulfurlubak and __SuperTroll__) have an issue with connecting to K3 after trying to launch GC rocket to the moon. I believe server crushes somewhere at the point of "Downloading terrain" with giving either "Timed out" error or "Internal server error".
    PS: Had a lot of quite valuable stuff with us, hoping it's possible to solve it without resetting character's data.

    Finally connected to the server and it is going just fine, but there is no Space Lander with rocket to fly back and stuff that was placed in the rocket. Don't think it is intended.

    I've been wondering if Gravitation Suit mod was ever considered to be added to the server. Sorry in advance if this topic was already brought to discuss, searching the thread returned nothing.
    From what I've seen most people generally use Thaumcraft gear as late-game one due to the simple fact that after being enchanted it's superior to anything industrial can offer like mining drills, jetpacks etc. I've found it rather curious for an industrial server so decided to ask.