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    I had an idea for kU transportation: Metal rods and gearboxes, similar to the axles from Better Than Wolves. Maybe the metal rods could just be those almost useless iron fences, and they change shape when connected to a gear box

    Um , RotaryCraft anyone?

    RoC already has the shaft power idea very fleshed out AND quite
    a lot of converters for other energy systems.

    I like a MJ/EU pack with only IC2, Buildcraft, Forestry, railcraft and (optionally of course) GT more than a pack with 100+ mods that use RF.In my opinion, TE is VERY unbalanced, and VERY easy.Its like modded minecraft with machines for a 6 year old children :P


    I find TE machines to be alright , but I don't like the Embrace Extend Extinguish approach to modding, so yeah, the mod is alright but its intent was/is mostly to 1UP Buildcraft/IC2
    Also , TE4 just implemented overclockers.

    Im playing Mechanical Titan

    Its mostly the mods thrown together, updating IC2 to the last build.No RailCraft yet tho.Also the IC2 tin/copper worldgen is disabled for some reason.

    It's almost like since the Curse announcements of buying FTB, the FTB team has been pushing to anything CoFH related as the core in their packs.
    Just imagine how convenient it is to have a launcher that can pick mods a-la-appstore from curseforge(much like WoW addons) and have them working over a single, completely under control API for Energy/Transport/WorldGen.
    I also suspect CofH team is going to fully flesh out itemducts so they can start pushing against the new Buildcraft / RedPower3 / ProjectRed. Since despite all the FUD BC/RP are making a comeback.

    But drama aside , yeah , pretty much custom packs or Gregtech

    On the plus side direwolf20 is giving IC2 some screentime recently :D

    also ...

    Hai !