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    I agree that it should cost diamonds and the current recipies of all the things I like very much. Just wanted either more cable per diamond (ie 4-6 pieces per diamond), or a lesser current carrying capacity cable with not so much losses.

    Thanks for ur input though.))

    I too have no problem with the current cable setup...minus the voltage max on copper, but that's another issue, and the cost of the glass fibre cables as well. the recipe is fine except the output. it needs to be increased.

    I guess it is just for endgame big projects. What happened was I started a world with my main focus on IC2 power generation, specifically Kinetic Wind gen. I made a wind turbine tower approx' 40 blocks above my residence and was getting too much EU losses on lesser cables due to distance.
    What I needed was a cable that could transmit approx 30-50% of what the Kinetic Wind gen produces over that distance without completelly getting lost.

    It's very easy to use something else (ie Xutils nodes & enderchests to transfere several CESU batteries to and from the wind gen,.. and with surprisingly little cost and absolutly no losses). But I didn't really want to do that. Kind of wanted to use IC2Ex for it.

    Anyhow... here is a screenshot. Be interested to hear what you think Kye & Mementh))

    Just so that what I'm saying is clear. I do not have any problem with the efficiency degradation of cables within the game.
    I am only pointing out that one single cable is costing almost 1 diamond. Where as previously the use of a diamond in a recipe would yeald 6/8 pieces of Fiber cable.
    I know there are some smart people here with all the equasions and so-forth. I appreciate this.

    My only point is about game balance and the cost of material to make the cable.

    Thanks to those that replied. (p.s.. no problem Kye))

    The IC2 Ex Team.

    Firstly, thanks for a great mod that i've used from the very beginning.

    Glass Fibre Cable used to cost a diamond per 8 pieces of GFC (if using silver as the added component). Now the recipe is 4 diamonds and 5 redstone to produce 9 energium dusts. then 2 energium dusts per piece of cable. That works out to be 9 pieces of GFC per 8 diamonds, or just under a diamond per piece)).

    Now with the new kinetic Wind Gens that we have (that should be placed reasonably high up), GFC is really the only option to minamize EU loss.

    Anyhow, someone maybe would like to look into a re-balance of GFC cost. 8 pieces per diamond is reasonable, I think! But, I'll leave it to you to decide.

    Thanks for reading and all the work. Have a good one. :thumbup: