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    xF4m3, there was a recent update to support forestry 4.

    Thats is good to know, thanks :D there is a lilttle problem for me though, Im also using extra bees aka binniemod, and that hasn't been updated to froestry 4 yet so im kinda stuck with my version :( If someone knows a way to get around that or an existing fix/port whatever there might be, i would be glad to here about that. I understood it like: "forestry 4+ GT5.09.10 have a stickyresin bee that can also produce the stickyresin comb" if thats right just don't comment on it :)

    Forestry Unweary Bee produce Stringy Combs. Stringy Combs + Centrifuge = Propolis. Propolis + Centrifuge = Sticky Resin.

    Thanks, but its not that i want a bee that can produce this stuff, its just that I'd like to make a little GT bee guide for my pack using quests, and i'd want to put all bees there and the ways to get them (kinda like a little "achievment system" where oyu can see your progress and maybe compete with other player on the server to see who can finish it first ;) but i would like the bees to have a purpose aswell, not just being astetic so thats why i asked.

    Thanks for your reply guys and girls :)

    I'm not sure if this is intended or if it is a bug and I also could not find a Post about it. I was trying to make some quests where you simply have a list on which bees you need to make one of the Bees that make a GT Comb. As i did the second one, which was the Stickyresin comd, i noticed that it is unobtainable. I later found out that the bee for it does exist, but it simply does not create the Stickyresin comb. I am just assuming that this is a bug so im posting it. Edit: Im using the 5.09.10 atm and IC2 v.2.2.785 and Forestry (not sure if that is a problem, but i am using this for a while now and most versions I tried other than this seem to be crashing my pack) I will gladly test the version you are using if the problem is just on my end :)
    Also i wasn't paying much attention for a while and a few days back i read about all the changelogs and just wanted to say that this is awesome and I jsut want to express my thanks for continuing the mod and implement stuff that is really awesome (the bees for example) :D Made me smile so hard when I read the changelogs. I jsut want to let a big thanks here (I think thats something everyone likes to hear ;)

    Greetings from Germany

    I think I found a bug in the 5.08.12 version.
    I wanted to use the Gregtech sensor card in an information panel to see how much time is left for my osmium to scan and I looked up the crafting recipe but there was none. So I went into creativ and tried to see if it atleast worked and I could then make a recpie with minetweaker, but that was not the case. I couldnt rightclick,shift-rightclick on a machine to set the coordinates. The tooltip said mising coordinates (not sure if thats normal or somehow special, just mentioning it) and after inserting it into a information pannel the coordinates said 0 0 0 (thats nowhere near the coordinates i was trying that at.

    Ahh ok thats fine, I guess its that I just used 2-4 energy hatches.. now that I think of it ^^ you sure can take your time, I got a lot of digging/quarrying to do before i can even built all that stuff ;) Just wanted to check it out and test it alittle.
    And what is with the plasma generators? are they not working or did I something wrong? couldnt get the plasma in at all (neither of them)
    And again thank you very much for your efford

    First of all I want to thank you for brining the fusion back :D
    So I tried building one in creative and did it mosly like in the old version. Fusion coils surrounded by casings mark 2, a mark 3 controller where the normal controller would be, I put 2 input hatches inplace for the fluids (they changed textures so im sure they got recogniced) and I also put some energy hatches (the ones for inputting). And i also put in a output hatch for the plasma to come out.
    Do I need a mainance hatch? if yes where does it belong(could find a place where it changed textures like the other ones). With my setup i also was unabled to to use the rubber hammer(after insterting power(maybe I need more (24k/t) I inserted tritium and deuterium but it didnt want to start.
    Is there/will there be a energy bar for how much it already got inserted before it will start (the starting power/kick off) will be visible, basically how much is stored inside the fusion.
    Maybe a picture where things belong if you open the fusion interface or an image that would popup if you used a special item(maybe even a craftable book/map kind of thing where you could see something similar to the old fusion interface.
    And of course every Hatch is in UV.
    Before supplying the power with solar panals via MAX transformers I tried to use Plasma generators but they didnt seem to accept Helium plasma from bedrockium/normal drums using pipes/conduits o somehting silimar and universal Fluid cells did also not insert any Helium plasma/nitrogen plasma into the generators (tried tier 1-3)

    Even though i got a few questions here its really amazing that you brought the fusion back :) Thank you very much I really appreciate your work

    maybe a bug report/feature request : Not sure if thats on your side or on the side of Gregorious,
    but its not possible to charge a Vajra/gravichestplate in any
    of the Battery buffers from Gregtech (we disabled all IC2 power storage/transport). I'm gonna add some recipes with battery's to charge it up. I know that this is an addon for IC2, but it would be nice if that would be possible :)

    ComputerCraft (with OpenComputer items)

    Steves Factory Manager

    Forestry Extras Easy Sticks/Rods removed

    I also removed some ore dictionary items, like tinkers aluminum and gregtechs aluminium, aswell as removing steel from railcraft being interchangable with Gregtech, those are mostly just to fit our modpack :)

    It is not the problem that I can't :) im just very busy managing a modpack and a server (with a friend of mine) :) I already twaeaked a lot of recipes, its not that I don't know how, it is just that my time is very limited (I also am in my exam phase so ...yeah limited time)
    I just thought that maybe someone has time (and fun doing it) to modify Resonant Induction :)

    OpenComputers have GT recipes on the mod itself, its a config option. Same for computronics (adds compat for OC and GT and some other misc stuff that is very interesting).

    Yeah I've read about that already,but I can't seem to find that option (Im probobly just blind, gonna check tomorrow (already sleepy right now))
    computronics looks quite interesting, gonna take a look at that :) thanks for the suggestion

    I am removing the IC2 Cables and Energy storages , so you need to use Gregtechs power transportation/storages:
    because I am removing the cables, I also need to change the recipes for the following items:
    Advanced RE-Battery(IC2), OV Scanner(IC2), OD Scanner(IC2),Range Trigger (NC),Advanced Information Panel(NC), Small Power Unit (IC2), Cropnalyzer(IC2), Coil (IC2), Text Card(NC), Color Upgrade(NC), Single-Use Battery(IC2), Advanced Miner(IC2), Overclocker Upgrade(IC2), Range Upgrade(NC), Tesla Coil(IC2), Electric Jetpack(IC2), Molecular Transformer(ASP), Carriage Translocator(RiM)(caution, crash when looking at it in NEI don't hover over the recipe output(the translocator itself)), Web Upgrade(NC), Pneumatic Generator(PC), Electric Compressor(PC), Teleporter(IC2), Lapotron Loader Upgrade(RC), Energy Counter(NC) and finally the Average Counter(NC)

    Feel free to make some suggestions, I also got some so maybe I'm going to combine some (singel items I should use in certain recipes, can also be helpful :thumbup: )