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    If Immibis wants to keep updating that'd be great. I did however encounter yet another bug with AM today:

    Using latest Advanced Machines and Immibis core as per the download page. Might just have been something in a more recent IC2 version that AM is having issues with? Still crashes if IC2 sound system is disabled as well. Tested and occurs on all Advanced Machines, even ones that don't make sound (no idea how that happened?).

    Please fork, they won't put it into IC2 because as stated, they thought it was OP and only originally intended for an "advanced" furnace, with everything else using overclockers. I'd say there's still a good demand for it it's just sad to see Immibis go. I can't say I blame him too much, IC2 is starting to get pretty much left behind sadly and I'm not sure the changes that are being made are really helping to make it stand out overly. I pretty much only bother with it for advanced machines and Gravipack as it is.