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    Thy Bratzi for sharing, i'll take this into consideration ... this is a nice way to store power XD

    a bedrockium drum was never such a good power storage since steam XD and the rednet power cable convert way more efficient to RF than expected ... i think i will build my base on IC2 nuclear reactor power feeded from pneumaticcraft rainplants , infinite water and a void pipe XD .... now i need to find out why i seem to not find a usable ammount of uranium in my world, did the worldgen get an BIG NERF? can i regen it ... looks like in some version change the ore got replaced and the uranium nearly vanisched somehow?

    take a stopwatch ... start it when switching on, wait until the cool-coolant tank runs out, stop watch, measure time, do math



    the longer it runs the more precise you can do your math

    care to share your result ? :) i can not test it yet ... muss noch arbeiten :P

    just to be clearly about what you said:

    "After returning to a saved game"

    so you closed the entire game, edited the config file and then launched it again and then entered the world?
    probably using notepad++ and did not "really" save, just closed it ? .. an annoying featuer of notepad++ :P

    In my understanding of a "real" Fusion Reactor it can not fail in a catastrophic manner as the only thing that could possibly happen is a failure of the magnetic field by a component failure that would result in a more or less catastrophic heat damage to the internal structure. But ther is no chain reaction or something possible that possibly could get out of control.

    More of a problem is the neutron radiation! It's quiet simple to "catch" the neutrons but that is one of two problems with actual real fusion reactors, the internal chamber wall is bombarded with neutrons doing severe damage to the internal structure ...

    actually they are covered with lithium to create new tritium when bombarded with the neutrons for the reaction to keep up but as the lithium is depleted the chamber components have to be replaced.

    And whoever said a fusion reactor would not have produced more energy than used is at fault! There were a almost 5minutes running attempt of a fuision that created waaaayyy more energy than used but there are yet no heat converters installed or used on the real fusion reactors to convert the heat into something usefull.

    And by the way running an Tokamak-Fusion-Reactor for pretty much longer is not possible as you have to induct an current into the plasma through a central placed coil to keep the plasma in a torus shape, requireing a constant linear raising current transient trough the coil which is pretty impossible :P

    a quiet real fusion reactor should only work in a charge pump manner, inputting huge ammount of EU for very limited time, resulting in either a s***load of heat or the equivalent ammount of plasma stored in what way ever :) and maybe some damage when standing close by

    PS: to make it more realtistic add platings that need to be replaced now and then (reactor platings from nuclear reactor) and additionally lithium platings. Using lithium platings will eliminate the need of trithium but yield less plasma ... reduced by at least the amount of energy equivalently used to make the trithium by hand ... and probably the platings can be used inside a nuclear reactor, when placed against a fuel rod it will take damage and somehow the resulting trithium has to be collected ... could be a nice combination .... one or more nuclear reactor producing the EU & trithium needed for a fusion run

    i am sorry but i did not find any correlating infos in the forum

    PS i wanted to use railcraft finally so i needed the new cauldron :P for now i fixed it using forge with a bad memory and GC setting causing several "somehow" lags ... it's kindof annoying when you break things 3 times before they actually break but better than untuned rebuilding world after rbeaking it client side XD

    (Sorry for Posting wrong as i did not find the "New Thread" Button in the Bugtracker)
    Server: cauldron-1.7.10-1.1207.01.187-server (FORGE IS WORKING BUT IT WASTES A LOT OF RESOURCES)
    IC2 Version: industrialcraft-2-2.2.616-experimental the crash report

    It happens whenever i place a Cable down or have some electricity flowing from block to block (this includes generators and stuff)

    i can avoid it by using batterys for now but this is definatly not intended to be.
    i assume its an issue on BOTH server an mod, i will not blame anybody but hope it could get analyzed soemhow and solved together as i base my gameplay in IC2 and do not want to move to the next tier of server hardware just to play without lag spikes (i already use alternative GC algorithm but the CPU is pretty full loaded)