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    Cooking ore as you find in the world will you metal with a low purity and can not be used in making must machines.
    By macing the ore there is not much or no change in the purity of the metal.
    By washing the the crushed ore in the ore washer this increase the purity to make the next lot of machine.
    By putting in the ore in the thermal centrifuge you get pure dust.
    Even though a machine may only require impure metal it can be made with purer metal
    Ingot will say how pure they as a percentage and macerating these ingot will give dust of same purity which can be put in thermal centrifuge for purification - less pure metal would give stone dust and tiny piles of dust and more pure metals would just give tiny piles of dust.

    Energy belts or batteries belts are worn in the trousers slot which means tools can be charged on the go and you still get to wear you chest plate

    A Quantum Sword a most powerful weapon indeed when changed (in mfsu) it deals more than enough damage to kill all foes including unprotected player (no amour or leather amour) when used bust energy go flying injuring or killing near by mobs and player.

    it would be made tire 3 iridium components witch are made from a lot of iridium plates and tire 2 iridium components and they are made from a lot of iridium plates and tire 1 iridium components and they are made from iridium plates.

    An industrial boss that when defeated would drop iridium and other metals

    the boss spawner would be like the wither but instead of soul sand it would use dense advanced alloy blocks where 9 advanced alloy compress into one dense advanced and 9 of them craft into one dense advanced alloy block.

    The block at the top centre of the t shape would be an advanced circuit block, which could be crafted from 4 advanced circuits and 4 Lapotron Crystals and circuit regulator (rare find in chest).

    Also the bosses head would be a rare find in chest and would be placed on the advanced circuit block.

    Iridium would no longer be found in chest

    The boss would deal a lot damage (not worth fighting with out at least full nano armour). Also would take more than few blows with nano saber may be worth basting it with TNT or throwing sticky dynamite.

    Also the boss would want to destroy all machines within 7 - 10 chunks.

    when killed the boss would drop 0-3 iridium, 0-5 diamond, 0-4 energy crystal (random charge levels),3-20 bronze, 5-30 copper, 3-20 tin, 3-20 iron
    and are drop of it head which can be ware by the player which give then regeneration or some other power up (only works after the boss has been killed) or can be used a second level boss even harder to defeat that even deals damage throw a full quantum suit and maybe requires a few nukes to kill it.

    Over Tap -> tap all of the rubber out of tree
    Bronze age -> make an bronze ingot
    Refined scrape - > recycle scrape and get scrap
    One man's treasures is another man's junk ->recycle a diamond get scrap and get something useless from a scrap box
    Energy to waste -> Recycle uu matter
    To lazy to hunt -> Replicate meat

    Is there a wiki for all these new changes?
    or should we crate one?
    i know enough to set up an open scoured wiki on my web sever but i would need people to help with updating the context

    i got bio chaff and i assume that i meant to put in the canning machine and eenrich something but i try all of fluid in there with the bio chaff and nothing happens

    How do i use the blast furnace i put in iron and compressed air x 6 and put a heat generator on all side and nothing happens