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    Ok I found the error with the plasmficator and the insane voltage disappearing. heres the log

    Plasma EV Bug

    Hope this helps you

    Mind quoting the part where i said a bug is preventing me from porting?
    I've said it could take some time, because there were a few changes in fundamental parts of the engine, probably causing bugs and needing rework.



    Did I mention the quality of Mojands code is continously dropping? A mate of mine showed me the current release and the enchanting things… f.e. the 3x Drop pickaxe. Amusingly, using it on TNT drops only 2 TNT. Which means that the pickaxe isn’t even using the actual drop code (because then it would drop 0), but just adding 2 random block drops directly.
    Probably most don’t understand the severity of this, but that’s the code a new 12 years old modder would write for his favourite new DirtPickaxe mod. Not something you would exspect from a programming company.
    Either way, /rant
    Back to fixing IC²

    This is what you said and I interpreted it as though they made a bug and that it would be hard for you to fix

    no no because from his posts he said that he couldnt port because of a bug. I was looking to see what bug he was talking about and there were different results

    One was the pickaxe issue with multiple ores due to enchantments. now the other one was the one that was posted above

    well excuse me Headhunter. I didnt mean to be was a harmless question. you dont need to go hostile. I have been using the mod for a long time and I know its tough to update something and I wasnt implaying to ask for an update. you were being paranoid. Go read this
    This is exactly what Saul is referring to. scaring away innocent people because they didnt understand

    Alblaka's too busy banning you to work on the mod, I guess.

    What the hell did I even do to you. you seriously need to grow up. I just asked a harmless question and you take it as a big thing. next time think before you post.

    I dont know why this is happening, but whenever i place something in the game then exit, the chunk on which i placed a machine on regenerates. :/

    I got the same problem. My side is that I places a plasma furnace in my house. I quit the game and reload the game. the furnace get deleted along with the stuff thats in its radius . its as if the world regenerated. its bad

    EDIT: I just made a troubleshoot if any of the other generators do the same issue and they dont. It is confirmed that the plasmaficator is in fact bugged. it deletes itself after quitting the game once placed and regenerates the chunk on that spot. I think a hotfix needs to be in order because it is required to make plasma