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    Either cocoa is bugged or it doesn't like having sand/sandstone underneath the crop. After removing the said sand I could plant. Sadly, I had replaced the crop too, so I can't be sure of what did the trick (though I had tried to replace the crop a little earlier).

    I am not sure if anyone else has this problem with trollweed, but when they reach they final stage, and I right click them, they reverse to stage two. No drops.
    I've tried fertilizing and hydrating before harvesting too.

    P.s. The gain of the ferru is 0 and 3

    Edit: Strange, when fertilizing the gain-3-ferru once before harvesting, I got a single pile of iron dust. Perhaps the drop rate is just low?
    The stage of the ferru was 2 afterwards.

    Edit 2: It just seems like the drop rate is low. I am now up to 4 dusts. A little weird that the breeding rate is higher than the growth and drop rate :O

    I found that when crossing you can't use diagonal patterns.

    For example:
    :Rubber Log::Canning Machine::Canning Machine:
    :Canning Machine::Rubber Trampoline::Canning Machine:
    :Canning Machine::Canning Machine::Rubber Log:

    (rubber wood = plants, and trampoline = crossing field) (Canning machines are just empty)

    I had a pair of reeds set up like that, and only weed came out of it.

    Not sure what to do with this plant. It has a stem and is light greenish. For now it won't drop anything when right-clicking. I've tried iron ore underneath, but nothing happened. I have a feeling it's the plant Ragan found earlier.
    I think I'll try with different ores underneath, I might get lucky. Any thoughts?

    P.s. it was bred (?) from two cocoas, with 4 1 3 and 3 2 3

    I've found an issue with the RAR file: for Railcraft you need a Minecart Compatibility Layer, which isn't included in the RAR file.
    This could of course be because the MCL file must be installed into the minecraft.jar, but some info about this would be nice :)
    Got it to work by installing MCL for myself by the way.

    P.s. The RAR file is great, all those mods would've been a pain to find and download!
    PP.s A quick check of the modloader.txt told me it was missing some minecart hooks for Railcraft, so I looked around on the Rc MC-forum post.

    IGN: Bravomam
    Age: 15
    Country: Denmark
    Experiences: I've played both IC and IC^2 for quite some time. I've played around with Buildcraft too, but I haven't tried the other mods. I like to go technical, but I am not a master of electronics ^^
    Reason: Right now I am playing on my own SMP server with my friend, but it's simply too expensive for two persons to keep a dedicated server online. It was kind of lonely too, as we seldom were online at the same time. Also, we online play(ed) legit, so this server was what I at least have been looking for :)

    IGN: Ghost_tartar
    Age: 15
    Country: Denmark
    Experiences: He has played mostly IC^2, and he ain't really in to all the generators and stuff. He is more like "oh look, a drill! Oh, a jet-pack! How cool!", and then I have to get the generators up and running so he can fool around ^^
    Reason: As said above, he is playing with me on the server we own, but his internet kinda sucks, so he mostly plays when he is at my place (which is at least twice a week...). Even though I (Bravomam) has been the one paying most of the time, I know he won't be happy about paying $ monthly when we can pay a one-time fee ;).
    Important note: My friend's English is abysmal; he never really learned anything the first few years. And he never caught up. So don't be confused if he can't answer, or if I have to speak for him (he is usually seated next to me anyways ^^)

    Good Morning! :)

    I like the idea of this server and I would like to join with my friend, but I have a few questions first.

    1) Where is the server located (which country)? My friends computer ain't that great and he experiences lag on servers too far away from Denmark.

    2) If the server isn't in USA or Austria or the like, can my friend be a guest for a few minutes on your server? Just to be sure that there is no lag (or the lag is durable) for him (you don't offer payback ^^).

    Peace out!

    I also have the same problem. Do you see progress within a few minutes? Even still, the reactor won't stay hot :(

    Edit: can anyone help me with breeder issues? i followed Nargon's perfect breed design "mark X" built the chamber with 20 waterblock cooling and everythomg. I heat up the reactor using the heating config, then get it to about 9100 heat. Remove all but one uranium cell and 4 depleted cells. my problem is 1. i dont see any progress of the refurbished cells and the reactor keeps cooling down below 9000. what am i doing wrong?

    Are you sure there is no lit redstone to the reactor? :!: Lit redstone sets the reactor to off (sorry for the trivial question, but It's often something silly ^^)